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    Red Door
    Ben Aronoff (John Travolta) is a world famous speedboat power racer and gets involved with Cartel drugs run by Meyer Lansky in the United States. Ben also designs luxury power boats.
    This is based upon true story regarding Donald Aronow and they changed the name to Ben Aronoff. The first half follows the outline-design of a true story the way they jam too much into a very short time and everything looks like a outline of the story and nothing is developed. The story does bandy about some famous people: Meyer Lansky and VP George Bush. However, the first half of this was disappointing and it felt like a rerun of a 1950s forgettable movie that tried and failed to be epic.
    Then, this started to be a regular movie when Katheryn Winnick as Emily Gowen appears as the love interest and a future wife Ben Aronoff. Why the mess before her entrance is a mystery. Too many quick scenes with too many quick uninspired utterances. Things did not go right, but all settled down when Miss Winnick came on the scene.
    The crux of the story is that Ben had a good heart, wanted always to do the right thing, but this drug-running stint put him at odds with Meyer Lansky (James Remar) and later on with Lansky’s nephew Robbie Reemer (Kellan Lutz) who hated Ben and never gave him any respect.
    Must admit the music was very good when they showed power boat racing scenes.
    Notables: Jennifer Esposito as Katherine, Ben’s first wife; Michael Weston as Shelly Katz, Ben’s lawyer; Amaury Nolasco as DEA Agent Lopez; Tom Sizemore as Dwayne franklin an enforcer for Robbis Reemer; Mike Massa as Knocky House, a boat racer who introduced Ben to power boat racing; Charlie Gillespie as Andy, Ben’s son from the first marriage; Matthew Modine as VP George Bush.
    The first half of this movie is disappointing, but the second half is somewhat better mostly because a very pretty Katheryn Winick gives it a touch of class so much so that the performances of the rest of the cast became much better. That’s my humble opinion. (5/10)
    Violence: Yes.
    Sex: No.
    Nudity: No.
    Humor: No.
    Language: Yes, but not a lot.
    Rating: C.
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