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    DOWNLOAD #STREAM Labyrinth


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    The pale man has good hand-eye coordination.

    i just cant wait to see a griever!! <3

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    Did Puff Daddy stop this film from being released? He sure did
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    Minho!!!<3  Man, I love all the books so much! I read it a little while after it came out and now there’s a movie. I hope it’s good!
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    Little poor baby James
    every single aspect about this trailer from the scenery to the actors is exactly the way i imagined it when i read the book
    I love this movie when I was at least 5 yrs and I’m 14 but I hate how Artax died😭
    I never did understand this movie.
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    This is the worst movie in the history of mankind!
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    This was FREE just 4 days ago. How disgusting Sony is to start charging just to cash in on David Bowie’s passing. Trashy company.
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    My youngest sisters choice for sisters Dance at her wedding 💙 memories ❤️
    Johny Deep in a Brooklyn movie?:D
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    When I was little this scared the shit out of me
    I love Labyrinth!I also had a crush on Jennifer Connelly growing up, totally!! hahaFunniest part was the starring at the end.
    It’s funny how this is on one of the top picks
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    Te amo david😍😍😍😍
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    I LOVE this movie bcoz 1. Fockin David Bowie is in this (RIP) 2. The puppetry
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    There is a beggining!!!!
    welche film ist das in der 0:47 danke 😀 bitte schnell wie möglich antworten 
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    RIP David Bowie. But I always have this question about old singer’s voice. Why do they sing like ineligible and sound like they try to make vibrato but didn’t make it, while they can just sing the proper tune just fine?.
    Nooooo😭 I want this to be real 😕💔
    labyrinth dolls
    This STARRING was specially good
    i love this movie
    I loved the song as the world falls down
    R.I.P Jim Henson and David Bowie. Labyrinth is one of the best 80s fantasy films. At least in my opinion. From Virginia Clark. ☺❤🎵❄🌸🐦🐒.
    the september release was cancelled. the movie distributer is getting sued for 10 million..
    long live David bowie the greates of them all
    I know David Bowie has past away and I may not be the only one but whenever I listen to his songs I feel he is still alive in my heart he shall forever be remembered..
    That thing reminds me of the Servant Grunts from Amnesia: The Dark Descent.
    labyrinth puzzle
    Dude, if you’re gonna do Labyrinth, do Neverending Story!!! Please?

    People are probably going to get pissy at me but this looks like a mix of the hunger games (minus fighting to the death) and divergent.

    labyrinth plush


    هذا الفلم البارحة شفتة واليوم طلعتة على النت ايخبلل ❤

    lego labyrinth
    What’s the song at 2:00 ?
    Has anyone else notice that the Pale Man doesn’t have a penis?

    Der einzige Grund warum ich diesen Film anschauen ist Dylan O‘brien
    In the description it says WCKD but it’s actually WICKED
    This film rules the 80s rip david miss u u made this film
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    Falling in love
    terrible audio!! words are not in sync with mouth movement, the music is very loud and the speaking parks are whispers. I wish I wouldn’t have paid for this.

    Iconic and classic. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and introduced me to the wonderful David Bowie and showed me a world that I wished to be a part of. I am so sadden that this wasn’t given the love that it should of have when it first came out. It’s such a lovable, charming, and fascinating story with memorable visuals and songs. This is one of the few movies of my childhood that I can say that it still holds up and I can still watch it everyday..

    omgggggggg labyrinth!!! i havent seen this since i was a child!! however i remember it being such a good film!! to say i need to watch this again is an understatement guess i know which film i’m watching now!!.

    Love this movie!

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