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    ➟▶➛ STREAM Sicario: Day of the Soldado ⇐◀◀


    Vi la primera y me pareció buena,aunque,esperaba algo mas de acción, ya veremos como esta la segunda parte.

    2:32 looks like the passenger flew out the door 😂

    BEST? It was ridiculous and childlish.

    Even boogeyman is afraid of Brolin at this point…

    3:10 don’t forget about my daughter and in that moment she understood, they’re all gonna die
    Cable prequel
    0:34 cod ghosts merrick mask?
    Josh Brolin killin it!
    Good to see that my boy Steve Forsing is back!
    Looks utterly dreadful. First one was a decent film.
    I don’t get the hate this movie was amazing. Suspenseful af, brutal as reality and no Hollywood bs
    Esta Pelicula la estan Llevando a Otro Niveles Espero que Graben las 3 tambien. Amo esta clase de Peliculas… saludos desde Panamá ojala que sea igual de buena como la 1
    I hope its 10 hours long….I can not wait.
    I wonder how much Daniel Defense spent to advertise their gun in here.
    can’t wait for the international criminal courts to prosecute these pedophiles.
    if the Mexican people want the cartels gone this is what should really happen!!!!!!!!!!!

    i love this man 😍
    Badasses wear their seatbelts
    i shoot like that when i play time crisis II 0:29
    Compas, compas in peace,in peace jajaja wtf

    please react to the first purge trailer
    #7 with its infrared and night-vision is cool and all, and I’m, sure that was almost impossible to do, but Zero Dark Thirty owns the top place of naturally (un)lit infiltration scenes..
    no hay ningun sicario mexicano
    Big action movie
    Josh Brolin is 2018’s year.
    Good acteur good film 👍👍👍👍👍
    The guy with the glasses though…. jesus he can aim well.
    Amongst the best set-ups for a follow-on instalment. Well done.

    I see thanos and the Collector 🙈
    Josh’s double tap was crazy given the target’s exposure.

    I didn’t know that there was an infinity stone at Juarez!   😉
    2:24 What the heck is he using a 22LR? Look at the magazine width.
    Nothing will make sense to your American ears….
    Perfect scene. So intense. Villeneuve is my new favorite director.
    Thanos teams up with The Collector to stop drug dealing.
    this trailer in italian language ,please?
    save yourself some time and skip this movie, the ending sucks. besides it gets very unrealistic. no comparison to the first movie.
    why cant the real US send a special force like this and kill all those cartel scums in mexico
    This sequel is completely against the spirit of the first movie. This looks like generic action movie bs.
    I went to Afghanistan in 2008. The plane from Dubai to Kabul happened to have a lot of military people on board. Even the flight landed in a part of the airport reserved for the international coalition use. From the terminal in Dubai all the way until I got into a taxi at Kabul airport pretty much everyone looked like these guys — not regular marines but they were black water or something.

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