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    stream Reflections


    Wow!!! just wow! Allready blown away by just this short piece. Makes me really looking forward to discovering the rest :-D

    The moment you hype and you realize you have no switch

    Oh wait its horizontal touhou seems legit I see Touhou games only Vertical but ehhh ….. I’ll buy it when it comes out and when I have a switch ¬_¬

    Love Peter Joseph!! Go Peter!

    まさか これほどまでに東方がSwitchに出るなんて思いもしなかった。 にわかが増えるって言う意見も分かるけど、1人の東方ファンとして、多くの人に東方を知り、興味を持ってくださる事は大変 嬉しい事です。

    OK, there was an element of angst that this is going to be some kind of what-the-bleep-do-we-know-movie, but I feel better now. :)

    Yes……no…. YES

    Nice :)

    Marx got it right the first time, why try to reinvent the wheel ?

    i can’t wait to play this game!!!

    No Yakumo Yukari?

    this game looks really bad tbh, at first I thought it was probably like anatomy of common flower but this doesn’t even look a proper stg, not to mention these graphics

    Image & Illusion
    cool… when is the complete first episode release?
    Free Full First Kiss For Free 1280p
    …wait, this is Maihana Ao Makyou right? Damn. It’s on Switch now. Cool.
    Awesome RV!!!😍
    Any idea on the release date? I’ve been stoked to see this ever since my buddy showed me the trailer earlier this year.
    Even if there is no release for America…there is no regional lock for the Switch, Boiiiiiis!!!!!! Eosd crew getting milked again, and I love that. (No Rumia tho 🙁 )
    Could this be a good 3d Touhou doujin game?
    Man this film is taking forever to be created. I hope he gets some more donations
    great music! can hardly wait to see it!

    weebs invaded my beautiful console kill me


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