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    ➠➙ STREAM Range 15 ⇐←


    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

    FUCKIN MAGA!!!!!

    I found where Stifler has been hiding!

    Tactoos is the best term ever

    I fanboy’d to 30 min. 1/3 stars?

    Gotta go in occasionally and rule the yard…  What a f**king great line!  That should be at least the secondary or tertiary motto for everyone, with near universal application.  Oh, and best of luck to MBest and his crew.  Love their s**t..

    Why isnt Hillary president? ITS HER TURN MATT

    With these guys, it will be off the hook !
    What’s the song at 1:27

    You all are awesome 😎 love it.
    Bill Shatner, Dale Dye, Keith David, and Danny Trejo! How could this not suck!
    Loooooooool this is terribly awesome
    since i was just at the range today the part with the hot girl and the firing line had me chuckling. THE LINE IS STILL HOT GOD DAMN IT!
    Shut up and take my money!

    Great Job guys I can’t wait. Is There a guy named Jim from buffalo working on this. He is from my home town I used to play hockey with him before I lost my foot. He talked about this years ago and was hoping this was it.
    I’m really excited to see this film. The film industry can suck a dick and this puts the whipped cream on top of it. Guys can make a film that doesn’t need, want or expect anyone but their own community to enjoy it. Shatner put it really well and we who didn’t sacrifice need to be keenly aware of the ones who did. nice little mini-doc..
    The weightlifting chick OMG O.O
    You guys are so dumb. I love it. Keep making videos
    As a canadian my biggest want is to kill a eagle to show ‘murcia what it feels like , don’t kill my cousins aunts freaks nephew’s best friend jim..
    Why is ISIS always in your house?

    What is the song at 0:58 ?

    Their mission has been ABORTED!!!

    Ur are cheater man in us

    damn heather is slammin
    How will this be released ? Will it be be available on DVD and will there be region 2 DVD included I would love to see it.
    Im updating my DD 2-14 Chick gets stolen Damn homie went out like a sac
    I was a little skeptical at first, but this movie doesnt look all that bad
    Thats lanterman developmental center…. wife use to work there before got closed down

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