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    that CGI tree though……………………….., it was made in 2016 like come on, there are loads of films that are ten years older and had way better CG……...
    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times of india
    the wasted times

    Great and fun movie…nice love story as well. Very well acted and the cinematography is excellent!.
    And don’t forget to write your review after online viewing.
    Anyone no where I can watch the full thing? Cheers
    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times online
    preview x264 the wasted times full
    The player for movie The Wasted Times there are three types available good HD quality 360,480,720 – you can choose any of them.
    Just like the movie title it wasted my time.
    sounds track name?
    the wasted times 2016
    Well, at least they made an effort to indicate the quality of this movie in the title.
    preview x264 the wasted times lyrics
    THE WASTED TIMES….. yep.
    Zhang Ziyi <3
    Tadanobu Asano :D
    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times article
    the thing i like about this trailer is that it pretty much shows nothing about the movie

    I am the racist guy at 1:52 . Yay!

    DONT WATCH THIS MOVIE!! As expected, the movie plots by Mainland director is one of the worst Id ever watch. Nothing make sense, no common sense, cheesie acting… I wish more Hong Kong directors and producers takes more control of the plot for future Wushu movies..

    Wonder does this show has in drama form WITH episodes?

    看着蛮赞的,讲真章子怡的电影质量都还不错的,她演技的确好,BTW, I’m a shanghainese, miss the language, ahah

    many stars

    preview x264 the wasted times youtube

    My son mark in this to and qas the star in changes 


    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times reports
    preview x264 the wasted times movie
    preview x264 the wasted times 2017
    Господи, это охуенно, 10 из 10 просто!
    I don’t hear any flapping bird wings when the people fly that is the best part
    the wasted times trailer
    it will not waste ur time to watch the film, the best chinese film last year!
    ¿The wasted times? The exact words to describe how I fell after finish watching the new Trilogy of Star Wars movies😠😠😠😠
    Preview X264 The Wasted times
    There’s something quite interesting about this movie but also where special effects exist it looks a little on the cheap side like the snake- I don’t know- I’m on the fence

    too many unnecessary CG makes it unrealistic
    where can we watch this for free with English subtitles?
    +ricki josevski,you mean there is no plot in the movie?
    I lost brain cells watching this. This movie could not develop a proper storyline, the cg was crap as expected, and the choreography was shit to ok.
    Reviews a poco
    Mad mikey

    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times news

    Background music is exciting then the picture

    ad e hoi ty pim nay ten j

    the wasted times full movie

    the wasted times movie
    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times square

    man , chinese movies are so damn cool
    Looks like a raw Gleswegian classic. Looking forward to seeing this. It’s on at the Glasgow Film Festival on February 28th for anybody interested. 
    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times higher
    eu gostava tanto de filmes de kung-fu, mas agora eles são muito viajados, Jet lee e Jack Chan, faziam filmes incríveis, sem precisar desse monte de efeito tosco que usam hoje em dia..

    Preview+X264+The+Wasted+times voir
    someone please give me the name last song in this movie

    the cute black cat caught my attention, i am IN!
    the hard times of rj berger season 2 preview
    Korean martial art movies are generaly shit.


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