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    ➝➝➝ STREAM @DOWNLOAD Building 108: Barnacle Bill the Tailor ⇐⇐⇐


    WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

    this is British (Irish,England,Scotland) folk music really,USA’s culture is mostly Afro-British.


    this is gr8 guys rele it is

    Best of times by world of goo

    I just hot paid and I wanna get laid.


    he found out he wasn’t going to be in left 4 dead 2


    This is one of the best songs ever I showed my father and he laughed for ever. Thank you for making this funny song..

    Filthy! I Love It!

    Me and my friends sing this when we hit the bars. Half of us sing as Barnacle Bill, the other half as the fair young maiden To be sure we’ve been kicked out of a few bars but fuck ’em its a bar don’t bring your goddamned children..

    if woman would ever ask that much questions, tape her mouth and get to it, times a wastin

    bill the vietnam vet, bill the pirate, no what’s next?

    Lambo flambo you here?
    W8 i just noticed the gman at the right xD
    ahhh childhood memories
    Thanks for the memories.  i used to sing this in the Boy Scouts during camping trips when I was 12….yeah….back in the early ’80’s.  wrong, huh? 
    Is A metaphor is a Trojan horse also a metaphor?
    How the hell did I get this?
    It’s only a shot that mised your twat!!   priceless!!!

    Frat song of many decades ago, LMAO

    I once played the part of the fair young maiden =D
    Yarg…. That be Bill The Scallywag, He be a right vicious bastard he is. He sailed the seas of Youtube for a good 20 years he did. Aye, when the day Youtube changed he was a crushed soul… I be surprised he still be breathin’..

    This is the best song I’ve ever heard.
    Where can I find this picture!!! Haha I love it


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