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    ➝➝➝ WATCH * STREAM The Red Turtle ⇐⇐⇐


    lars and the real girl review! Come on Chris!
    I mean it’s a good movie you know but they barely turn into Power Rangers

    oh my god the visual is just perfect, i miss this so much

    They’re back. What a glorious day.
    (ON.TABLET).THE.RED.turtle beach

    So it’s essentially The Little Mermaid except with a turtle instead of a mermaid.

    the lady in the water had red hair, the film is called the red turtle… i wonder if there is a connection (i have not watched it yet)..


    I seen this movie has anyone else??? No just me? Oh ok

    We are getting a Sequel GUYS It’s MORPHING TIME

    You should watch O Menino e o Mundo, purely visual storytelling with an amazing story and social critics about the history of Brazil (in special, its dictatorial period).

    Pure Cinema!! A Masterpiece!!

    its on neflix

    (ON.TABLET).THE.RED.turtle and tortoise
    i’m gonna go binge watch now…

    how fitting that his last movie will be about his love me planes

    Consider yourself lucky, Chris. This movie doesn’t come out here in England until May!
    jack sparrow mixed with jesus
    I predict you get 1,000,000 subscribers this year!!
    animation at its finest <3
    she is so adorable with those cat ears 💖💖💖
    My mouth has never been this open for that long regarding that Oscars’ moment.

    Last time I was here early, La La Land won Best Picture!
    If you think this trailer was filled with spoilers, watch the movie. It doens’t look like it, but you’re missing a lot. There’s so much more to this movie than its plot – it’s the experience, really, that makes it great. Also, I don’t know what people are smoking – if you think this animation is bad, you’ve got some serious issues (inb4 studio ghibli butthurt fans, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are two of my favourite movies ever..
    I just saw this movie a few hours ago and.. this trailer is honestly so spoiling. If you have seen the trailer then you have seen the movie.
    really a wind have rised in my Heart:)
    Didn’t David Ehrlich watch Spirited Away?
    (ON.TABLET).THE.RED.turtle rock
    and we watch this movie because we share the same sentiments, that our dreams soar with each drafting wind. And each movie just breaks and soothes the heart. respect applause this definitely deserve every movie award there is. <3.
    Looks stunning


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