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    ➜➡ WATCH The Nutcracker and the Four Realms ←⟸



    Song ?

    Finally. Been looking for this. Thanks!

    This movie was gorgeous – the costumes, the actors, the sets, and the CGI-animated characters. For me, I felt the music was sprinkled throughout at just the right moments – if I wanted the musical, I would go see it on stage or via a recorded session. This movie was not intended to be a rehash of the musical but instead it was meant to serve as an interpretation of the story. It had all of the right elements for me, as a viewer, and the story picked up about 15 minutes in. I’m not saying this movie was amazing – I love all genres and a rating of a 7 from me means it could’ve been better but I’m not asking for my money back because the film did its job. I’m really interested to see if kids today love this movie because I feel we adults critique this film based on decades of growing up with the musical..
    The nutcracker and the four realms 2018 help Carolina

    I don’t know why but I think this song is a perfect background music for a serial killer- LIKE LISTEN HOW CREEPY IT IS AND THEN BADASS WALKING WHILE LEAVING BLOOD TRAILS- okay I’m done :(.

    We all see Jim Carey seing this!


    Oh look, an Alice in Wonderland reboot.

    The Nutcracker and the Fourth Reich

    Narnia + Alice in wonderland = this

    The Cringe

    Okay i went to this movie with my sisters expecting to hate it, but it was actually pretty cute. I enjoyed it surprisingly. If you haven’t seen it go and give it a shot you might be surprised..

    Keira knightley’s voice omg! Im not sure if i will like it or not. My 1st impression it’s a bit annoying. That voice is making me not watch this movie.

    The entire story of The Nutcracker is about The Electra Complex.

    S H I T E

    So where ia the nutcracker. Hope this is a joke.
    Absolutely amazing movie to watch. I recommend everybody to see this beautiful movie.

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