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    ▶➝ WATCH The Suit ⬅⬅


    Id shag her tho

    (notebook)+The+suit jusqu’au bout

    the writers notebook

    bathing suit from the notebook

    Mike, trust me..Im right along with you..I will miss her so much but at least we will all know where she is rather than fading into obsurity in 10 years..she’ll be right where she belongs...

    (notebook) the suit jacket

    I wonder when it comes out, can’t wait! One of my favourite stories in high school!

    And now we’re gonna say goodbye to both characters. T_T

    I worked with female colleagues, if you treat them nice they ill treat you, if you ignore them they chase you.

    It takes more than a dazzling degree to impress this gal. Just ask Harry. Money and power baby! When the money runs out…so does the love. Just ask her first husband. This marriage might last. Harry’s got lots. As long as she’s got no morals…she won’t end up like Dianna..

    Who else thought the „nice, mergers across from divorce.“ line was quite funny?

    the best tablet notebook
    How could you stay focused..
    I never thought when I started Suits years ago that I would see Rachel Zane go from paralegal to DUCHESS OF SUSSEX!
    High net worth divorce will be needed soon.
    Lol now she outranks him? Ha.
    Every girl in Human resource where I work is a carbon copy of this. They somehow think every guy is trying to hit on them. When the truth is we just want to grab coffee, and get the hell out of dodge..
    the notebook blu ray
    She’s gorgeous and intelligent
    He nailed her..:-)
    circle the date notebook
    pretty cool scene

    Haha she was so interested!
    Again i can drop Out
    cant wait to see this!!
    God damn she was fine back then and that outfit phew…

    She needs to eat a cheeseburger!
    (notebook)+The+suit gundam
    Can we just have Mike back and Rachel’s got facial surgery due to some kind of accident, pleaseeeee
    ooooooooh!!! that gave me goosies. i can’t wait for the rest 😀 well done guys
    the creative writer’s notebook
    Wow.. 😀 I remember reading this story in high school… Can’t wait to watch it!!!
    Was this the pilot?

    Where it all started, from the greatness it was to the shit show it is now
    And now she’s becoming the wife of Prince Harry and member of the Royal Family
    On second thoughts, they should just leave this story alone before they ruin it for us. the symbolism and essence will be lost in translation

    If the sexes were switched, we’d all be saying what a cunt that paralegal is….
    (notebook) the suitable
    notebook the best
    oh queen…
    And she is the Queen of World
    the everlast notebook
    (notebook) The suite du billet

    I used to be a big fan of Suits. I followed it since it first aired the pilot. Now, I detest watching re-run because she’s in it.
    this show looks like utter crap..glad i never bothered watching it.
    Back when the show was actually good
    Anyone spotted the skirting coming off in the room on the right at 0:59 ? ^^
    the best gaming notebook
    the notebook kindle
    Fuhhs blacc Prinsess
    she acts so high and mighty who does she think she is ? the queen of england ?

    I bet she swallows
    This is the only bit of Suits I’ve ever watched, but it sure seems like her character on the show is a wee bit full of herself.
    Stop with the back when the show was good comments. Suits certainly is one of the very few shows that still remained good after several seasons.
    She’s pretty good.
    Its funny how Rachel shuts mike down in episode 1 and ends up marrying him
    😂😂 love woman like that. Clearly in to him in a big way and trying so hard to play it cool and look underwhelmed by him when really inside she wants him.
    I’d rather watch Christina Hendricks. Markle is straight up pedestrian.

    (notebook) the suitcases

    Why do I have to go to a film festival to see this?
    the perfect notebook

    I bet she had no idea, what would happen next in her life


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