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    ➞➟▶ WATCH Our New President ⇐⇦⟵

    Becky G is making its way into the cinema well for her to continue triumphing I will wait for the premiere of this film in my country Ecuador

    The Least of se These

    How about a film about Libya, Syria or Ukraine? Moore doesn’t care about Obama’s crimes.
    So now matrix want’s us to be friends with robots

    Michael Moore is looking more and more like an insane old man. Normally I would want to go see this movie but I see it too much already in the news.

    Looks entertaining but that’s all Moore is good for. He’s about as factual as Trump.

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    The CGI isnt bad..

    B’t-X , Japanese anime series 1994 America=dog, materials used is cheap Japan=horse, materials used is durable

    yo aquí solo por BECKY G :)
    This might be the most deliberate use of fear mongering I have ever seen, the fact that this is being marketed as an actual documentary is insane.
    Really? -_-
    More creative editing by the master of Leftist propaganda. And the Oscar for Best Fake Documentary goes to…
    Not sure if you’ve ever been to Europe, but the presence of skinheads and Nazis there is probably 100x more potent than in America
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    It’s Nov 2, is this coming out this year? Or next? Or was it straight to DVD? Cause I sure haven’t seen it advertised
    Oh look.. it’s Rush.. Where’s Megaman?
    Micheal Moore lost his touch. He’s not even funny anymore.
    Michael moore is like yeah ,yeah. The rest of it is I am going to call the cops now, to that guy that threatened to fight him in the trailer.
    pure cancer. moore is irrelevant. sad.
    So, Short Circuit directed by Michael Bay? Hoo boy…
    The last president…gimme a break. He’s an obnoxious insult to the office, a deranged lunatic and a cowardly fiend. But don’t get all dramatic. It’s shit like this that perpetuates this enormous divide among the US populous and fuels the rage toward our fellow Americans which has always been to blame for a lot of unnecessary violence and death throughout our history. I can’t spite the film until I watch it but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it probably won’t change my mind. Maybe it’ll reveal some things a lot of people don’t realize about this administration. Doubt it. Trump is not only blatant and loud about his bad decisions but he’s proud of them. Except for his collusion with Russian urine. Gotta deny that..
    I love this movie so much its my first favorite movie its to good
    If they are going to make an intelligent animal robot with weapon abilities, lets actually get serious and make a live actions ZOIDS movie then. Otherwise, this is basically mecha air bud? lol I’ll pass..
    Download? Our, New President – Subtitle
    This a really good movie. Hope there’s a part two👍
    하 2018년 10월 21일에 CGV 갔는데 개봉하지도 않음
    Watch Hope at Christmas Streaming
    Despacito lol
    It’s a nice movie I loved it and those who are saying it’s bad, they have watched it
    Trump has conned America and now he is taking you to hell in a hand cart! Good Germans indeed!
    Boy meets transformer. Boy meets girl. Boy introduces girl to transformer. Boy, girl, and transformer go on an adventure and nearly gets defeated. Boy, girl, and transformer pulls out an unlikely victory. Boy and girl have already fallen in love but only realize it in the end and kiss. I kinda feel like already watched this movie….. Hhhhmmm…...
    Indoctrinating ppl to love robots eh. i see what ur doing government but i aint no sheep 🐑.
    Ah finally, at least one American has learnt how to write the date properly……day THEN month…
    how can i even watch this?

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    Our, New. President? espanol, es. Film
    You know what, I didn’t mind this movie that much and personally I enjoyed it, even though it was not that great. Some people are just too harsh.
    so many pissed russian bots

    Social media rot your brain

    Damn, I hate drama queens! Not even going watch their biased movie!
    That is some scary stuff.
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    Our, New, President? cam

    Has that early Transformers Shia LeBouf/Megan Fox vibe. Also, this movie has been made too many times already, from ET to Chappie.
    this looks like the first transformers movie its got a robot that feels emotions a mechanic young man and a jailbait hot chick that the director is probably banging
    Just watched it. The trailer looked corney. It was corny but in a good way. A good movie for the family. ☺ and they left an opening for a second. As mentioned in another comment, people ragging on this film are only upset because its light entertainment. Its not meant to blow your mind. Its just a good movie..
    This kind of puts into perspective the big moral issue we’re gonna have one day when we develop AI that can practically feel for itself. Half the world will be yelling to give them rights, and the other half will be screaming about the robot being in control and that they’re feelings are fake and merely based on algorithms. Even though that’s… How humans work too….

    Nice and a super movie..iven sad….but was show us the future…the future is now. …👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍.

    It looks awesome! I will own the Blu-ray.
    Reminiscent to my childhood movie Short Circuit … same plot different characters
    the best president of the united states
    You know the democrats are losing when Michael Moore is the guy making a fake-u-mentary on trump
    I’m watching this for the motor cross elements as well as Becky G aka Trini
    And after this is released Trump will still be YOU’RE President mikey . 🤣 🤣 🤣


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