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    to the moon and back book
    Okay what is this can we remake this please?
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    The book is waaaay different than the movie
    I remember reading those books but the only familiar looking thing in this trailer is the dog…
    God bless you for all you do! Our son is Russian and I just can’t believe that it is still closed

    the book isnt like this at all. the book was darker than this sparkle fest.

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    This looks like a classic 1990’s/early 2000’s movie :)

    The book is wonderful and thumbs up for Dominic Monaghan but idk. It’s very different than how I imagined it when I first read it. 

    The film will be at the Sedona Film Festival the end of February. Praying someone who can help us get the two governments to negotiate will see it and we can finally get our children home..

    this was one of my favorite book series as a kid so its so sad to see them completely butcher it

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    I am grateful to Susan for making this film. Still praying the little girl we love will be allowed to come home to us or find a family in Russia..

    Plenty homeless and abandoned Children in the USA, charity begins at home…even Mexico..

    I look forward to seeing this film and will most definitely let my friends know.

    if they had made this darker like the books it would have been an incredible movie,,,,what is thiS smh

    Such an important film by incredible filmmaker Susan Morgan Cooper… Every child deserves to be loved and cherished, it’s so devastating that these innocent children have families who want to adopt them, yet are still living with the pain and suffering of not being part of a loving family. Thank you Susan, for bringing a voice to this tragic situation, so we can find a solution. Let us always remember, that love is all that really matters….

    I would like to see this movie once it is available.

    When can we see it?

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    This is a wonderful film that sheds light on the heartbreak that all these families are feeling. We need to help these families be reunited!! This ban needs to be lifted..
    These families and children who are caught in the inbetween break my heart. The bottom line is it is politics. I was blessed to adopt my daughter before the ban. The people who worked at her orphanage told me she knows what is happening she knows you love her. My daughter has Down Syndrome and was 4 years old. Those children caught in the ban knew they had parents who loved them and we’re working to bring them home. Any child left behind is heartbreaking but for those with special needs their future isn’t as promising. I pray the powers that be have a softened heart and allow all the children to be adopted by the families who love and still fight for them. God bless all of you. .


    Goddamit! Why chance literally everything? They’re not even in New freakin York!!! And Nockman’s MOTHER?!? And what happened to Stars on Mars? Jesus. I’m so sad. The book was genius. It used to be one of my favorite books to read as a kid. To be fair, I’m definitely seeing this anyways…..
    Happened to wear black glasses and found this movie just distasteful. 818 likes, you guys were like hypnotised or something?
    It’s like they didn’t even try to find matching actors. Maybe it’s a good movie, but not if you read and loved the book. xD
    Nice to see this story getting some balanced coverage. The real story on this Russia/US/Magnitsky Act situation could use some fresh perspective..
    I’ve loved this book series for six years and my sister for even longer. Can’t believe my dream has come true. Just don’t mess it up.
    When is this coming out!! I want to see the whole thing! Great trailer…. ….need more!
    A beautiful, powerful documentary that succeeds in giving the voiceless a voice. Susan Morgan Cooper chose not to step into, but rather to dive headfirst into, the complexities of Russia’s ban on adoptions. Regardless of the viewer’s political stance, one cannot help but be overcome with compassion for the children still waiting and the families committed to bringing them home. This film is a heart wrenching call to action; we must not let our government fail these innocent young ones. Thank you Susan- one person truly can make a difference. May the ripples continue until they all come home..

    I know I read this as a kid but I expected the movie to be less corny… I understand not making it a thriller horror film (it would have been cool) but they should have at least targeted the film for teens..

    This is an eye-opening movie. Who knew Russian adoptions were linked to corruption in that country? Susan Morgan Cooper, an award winning documentary, maker has crafted another moving, informative film. Guiding one particular interview through an emotional minefield was very skillful. Urge you to see it..

    U r awesome bro

    I love the book but tbh this is nothing like the book
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    This seems like a cross between Annie and Matilda.
    omg I read the books when I was little…like 12 years ago maybe…not sure. I loved them but this looks a bit disappointing and kinda cheesy :/
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    To… The – Moon – and & Back… movie, yts
    Many teen parents in the USA give up their new born for adoption. There are many other countries that have similar adoption programs like Britain, Australia, Canada, China, South America, Africa.

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    Read the book when I was little .. they are just NOW making the movie?
    basically a crappy version of harry potter?
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    The whole world is now asking about who Magnitsky is, why there is a Magnitsky Act and why/how this whole Adoption Ban started, this is film will finally bring it all together.

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    nooo the book was so great i loved it as a child – I’m dissapointed :(((
    I’m really excited to see Susan’s film.  She is an excellent film maker, and the story of this documentary is captivating.  The situation of orphans in Russia is absolutely tragic.  If you have not been there, if you have not seen the bleakness of their future, please do not comment negatively here.  They have no hope, despair is the overriding emotion of anyone growing up in an institution..

    back to the future notebook
    Susan, you are brilliant and are such a contribution to the world. I wish you continued success and support. To the Moon and Back is so timely right now, maybe this will make a huge impact for the sake of the children. Thank you!.
    This feels like a crappy disney movie I’m so dissapointed tbh like im p sure rocky was Indian in the book and molly was supposed to have a big nose and wHERE IS PUG SHES MY FAVORITE PART.
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