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    I’ll pass.
    For Poskitts sake this is a two minute advert and there’s already so much wrong with it. I could not be more disappointed in a movie 😒.
    Free Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Hd-720p eng sub

    0:13 hahaha there is London
    MEANWHILE HATERS have always something bad to say…

    This raiden is bad ass

    The first trailer was great (to me), really peaking my interest. I don’t know who edited the second, but it’s quite a let down (again, just from my point of view) after the first..
    This movie week i start with The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Amongst the four movies i will be working with. Second is Ralph breaks the Internet, third is Bad Times at the El Royale and fourth Robin Hood. Despite El Royale having Thor and Anastasia hosting the Party and Spider’s Web having the Aventador and the Ducati and it’s tires as co-hosts. People tend to be negative and the movies end up being aborted prematurely with so much life like Hunter Killer. Hey, i have four 444444 awesome movies planned this week that many do not even one possess inspite of the invites. I bet you that instead of promoting movies, boxing and ufc. They guiltless and unconsciously have the desire to influence this generation into drugs and alcohol. Instead of pre selected parties that have the best of the best legal defense team that assure the safety of the minds of every generation to it’s evolution..

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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