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    ➠➜ STREAM ; WATCH After the Apology ◀⟸


    Anastacia steal and chritian grey version teenager :v

    I can’t breath when I watch this trailer 😵🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    I didn’t mind Blade Trinity but that has more to do with Jessica Biel than Ryan Reynold’s performance in it.

    This is still my favourite movie of all time! Even got to meet Raoul Trujillo who plays Villain zero wolf at a tattoo convention in Ireland not so long ago what a nice guy he was.

    It’s like a fifty shades of grey teaser for underage virgins

    brilliant movie :-)

    I swear Ryan Reynolds has found a way to break the actual 4th wall of the World and has become Deadpool permanently.

    EAV – Werwolf Attacke Live

    The best film ever
    I know that harry is hardin but which characters are the others from 1d?
    All I think about is HARRY STYLES!
    Best movie ever.
    My favorite movie

    Omg I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that actor’s voice is awful. Before this video I had no idea about “After”. I only saw the trailer because of ads and whatever, and I can NOT stand his voice. I’m sorry that’s all I really had to say haha. I don’t have a full opinion on the book or movie or really anything to do with “After” besides that one guys voice.
    I remember when this came out, i never saw it though, i just remembered about it because of a facebook status about ants biting power on wounds, people said it was also in this movie…so i may finally get this and watch it lol..

    WHERE’S MY WATTPAD FAM AT Edit:Stream dna
    Ironically their voices both sound like they’ve been on helium.

    Que linda civilización vinieron a destruir los españoles <3
    After is already making success in all the world with this trailer, sooooo… I think that all the theatres will by this movie



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