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    ➟➜▶ WATCH Mary Shelley ◀⬅⟵


    One of them diesssss Spoiler
    So let me get this right. Elle is playing a 16 years old girl who will have sex in the movie. OK that’s a weird producer. I know Elle is older than that but still. :).
    Aurora 🌹
    Pretty sure something like this is considered blasphemy
    It’s now becoming so absurd and ridiculous, the liberal left in films and TV desperately trying to change and alter all our white history. There were NO black MPs in parliament in Queen Elizabeth I reign in England in 1558..
    So black people should blame themselves for slavery since they were up in the ranks and nobility back in the day lol Liberals and feminists always stab themselves in the back. Maybe that’s why no country was ever started or successfully sustained by one..
    I will be heard ending a trailer in heroic fashion—coming from anyone else other than Jesus—in a movie with Jesus is probably not going to be biblical. Pretending liberals should stay away from historical stories, because history can’t be changed..
    A film about Mary Shelly is odd but I could maybe see it working. This trailer though just makes this attempt look pretty bad. Seems like it’s gonna be one of those films which end up being quite historically inaccurate in an attempt to heighten the drama..
    Store so enterprise engage writing barrier fiber want tourist race curtain water result.
    I thought this was a horror movie trailer judging by the thumbnail clickbait😂😂

    Her white makeup gives me nightmares

    Listen movie makers, two women of the same status can NEVER be friends. Especially when they are cousins of same age, the rivalry of beauty, fertility, attention, respect and power begin right from the childhood. Women never outright show their hatred for each other. So never mistake actual rivalry for some tragic sisterhood lost in cause, because that certainly never happens..

    Jesus is god

    I love Kirsten, Elle, Nicole and the director Sofía Coppola, visually looks amazing, I love it!!. The people don’t understand naked and sex scenes don’t mean porn movie!!..

    Hey, Kendall Rae did a video on this exact story just a couple weeks ago.

    Thumbnail looks like Pennywise the clown! lol
    I think this is that movie, who scaried the hell out of me, for many years ago! And this trailer looks scary! Nice! It looks a lot more scary than all the (not specially scary)horror movies, we have today! Will it be a good ide to see this film? :).
    Yet ANOTHER rip off why cant people come up with there own ideas?
    why isn’t this trending like the Avengers, this is a miracle not a comic book story, This is the Infinity war!
    Lord Byron is the superior gay
    Gone Girls
    wow looks like Jim Parsons brought his a game can wait to watch it
    You’ve gotta be kidding, right? How many failed Biblical movies are going to be made? Pedo Hollywood must be seriously desperate to make money off the bible!
    Look like a good movie i want to see it thank you so much oh I will not know anything about this movie if you do not make it
    woman behind the masterpiece
    When my sister was an intern in kindergarden years ago there was a little boy who dressed up as a princess. No one cared. Everyone told him he looked beautiful. People need to stop making such a big deal out of something so simple as clothes. Wear what you want, what makes you feel comfortable and confident. It doesn’t matter what color it is or if it’s pants or a dress. Let kids wear what they want and play with what they want and watch what they want (all age appropriate of course) and you will have happy beautiful children who grow into happy beautiful confident adults..
    Oh, brother. ❄ 😑
    Say hi to a feminist… The trial begins next week…
    I love these short films!! Next one please!
    You gotta watch this asap! Just saw it and it takes turns you would not expect!!!

    Why did I assume this trailer would start with a low piano key?
    this movie is for the millenium generation
    So this came out already or what? 😂
    Carrie what are u doing????
    Priyanka chopra😂♥️🖤
    This comment section for this movie trailer not avengers infinity wars trailer 😂
    This is so sad
    Damn, the thumbnail pic looked like this was about the new It movie
    I saw the movie. It really is moving. I am sorry that many people found it too romantic.
    Clint Eastwood movie i watched a month ago..
    There is something wrong with this film. I am out.
    This looks very good and I like the cast too
    I just watched this movie during my psychology class and WOW the director did an amazing job making me laugh and cry. Such an inspiration.
    They really picked the whitest actress the could find huh
    I want to see this!


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