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    →→ STREAM Atomic Blonde ⟵⟵


    1:36 Wait….Talk me again of that french spy, friend of yours.

    This film literally came out of know where and has the funniest trailer I have ever seen :D

    How badass would it have been if this movie played some Nina Hagen?

    funniest netflix horror movie ive ever watched so far

    The Journey

    Atomic blonde, Charlize Theron is The transporter (Frank Martin) and Jason Bourne whit a nice hairstyle.
    When Deadpool and Nick fury switch their bodies!!!!
    PERSONAL JESUS in a trailer before Depeche Mode go on tour. not a coincidence
    1:45 the attacker pauses giving her an opportunity to attack? Fake. Threw me out of the immersion.

    Surely the movie would have been a lot better if Charlize had shown the high kicks she does so well and they look so cool in the fight scenes. They seem to make bad films on purpose..
    Psych: The Movie Movie Stream gostream.
    This movie kinda boring. Is just so slow. Not bad though.

    its Deadpool without the suit and Nick Fury without the eye patch
    this might be good.
    A shortbladed knife like that, wouldn’t the best thing to do, stick him in the back of the head at the base of the spine?
    BLKKK SKKKN HEAD In the background?
    Download Free The Stone Speakers Online Now Without Sign Up

    Ok. Omg I love the movie. I saw this and I just had to watch the movie. I loved it so much 💕

    Now I want a babysitter

    John wick vs atomic blonde who wins

    Hilarious ! Outstanding…& a superb Action Movie I watched after a Decade ! Marvellous

    Full disclosure, I find both the main actors in this film both overrated, and or annoying, depending on the movie. The Hitman’s Bodyguard is loaded with unrealistic action scenes (cars exploding when shot, etc…) , gratuitous violence, non stop profanity, and predictable love interests. The entire formula should equal a totally unremarkable modern buddy movie. Yet, it didn’t suck! There appears real chemistry between Reynolds and Jackson, and the supporting cast (great to see Oldman and Hayek on screen) is excellent, and the dialogue original and legit LOL in spots. The camera work is quite impressive, and although often eye rolling, the action sequences, chase scenes, etc are very well done. Finally, the plot was original at least, even if the ending not so much. The movie does drag in spots and could have been fifteen minutes or so shorter. Suspend disbelief, have a fun time with this silly visually stylistic but fun movie. B-/C+ #MovieReview #TheHitmansBodyguard #RyanReynolds #.

    1,25 x u re welcome

    Charlieze Theron is delicious woman!!! The scene between Charlize and Sofia was short but absolutely breathtaking Amazing action film, kept me stuck to the screen the entire movie. Thanks to the boxxy software where I can find all movies I want in a high quality and for free. It makes me feel better hehe.

    Sequel Needed Great Movie

    Charlize Theron stars here as an MI5 agent sent to Germany before the wall was torn down. She is on a mission to recover a top secret list of undercover agents taken from a fellow spy. She is a female version of John Wick, as the Fighting woman beats up and kills scores of bad guys. James McEvoy and John Goodman are the costars and both are as good as expected. The script is comic book funny and the action is relentless. Theron carries the film well for almost two hours. Take the ride and enjoy the adventure..

    First women James Bond? Sorry but Perfect Dark beat this by well over a decade. =P

    The Raid and Undisputed saga are actually better than this. I don’t know why they are so slow on their punches, if they are supposed to be trained and experimented fighters/killers
    Good luck for the cinema release in Germany! We are pleased that our civil costumes and uniforms from the 80s support this movie.

    I swear to god I thought it was scarlet Johanson
    Fights like this are what Taken and Bourne should learn from

    loved the movie. Great soundtrack.

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