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    DOWNLOAD~ WATCH Life and Death on the Shore


    I found this doc very disappointing. It is still interesting but there is no big mystery s the trailer makes it look like, or at least they didn’t present one..
    I have always been a fan of Demi’s since Sonny With A Chance. I will always be a massive fan of her’s and she’s one of my role models. I don’t care what anyone thinks but im here for Demi. She’s a good person and deserves to get help soon..
    She met that man on my birthday January 11, 2010 I was 10 years old. 35:22.

    „Who did you piss of that you gotta sleep with one eye open“ – hahahahahhaha
    i watched this in one sitting before her overdose in 2018 and now i am watching it again.. whole different mind set while watching. ☹️❤️ glad she’s safe..
    I now who killed her come to me and I will tell u

    Maybe it was suicide, sometimes fame gets to you, but I will be checking this out.

    Vodka Diaries

    @RichiBitch The Potsdam Declaration was an ultimatum against Imperial Japan by the Allies. If Japan would not surrender, IJ would suffer destruction (The Atomic Bomb). IJ was in enough destruction due to Firebomb raids, yet still did not surrender. More people would’ve died by air raids, and battles. It’s something called a Sacrifice. There’s more then civilians in a war. There’s troops, and supplies, IJ was in enough economic loss, and USA, IJ, and China lost enough troops..

    This is my tenth time watching this gold

    Pretty much the whole movie in the trailer

    Jon snow♥️

    this is why aliens wont come here on earth

    Watching the flatliners trailer while flatliners trailer ad pops up lol

    Thats not a remake, its a sequel. Sunderland is returning as Nelson

    Everyone is saying this is sequel not a remake but whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, if you want to watch it, then watch it, if you don’t want to, then don’t…. it doesn’t matter it looks like a good movie with good actors and actresses so if you don’t think it will be good, then just don’t watch it….. but for me I’m going to watch it😡😡 Okay I’m done with my rant….
    I dislike this movie focused on the view point of a japanese soldier rather than on the chinese soldier (Liu Hua) who was killed an hour into the movie. there were a lot of chinese soldiers sacrificed defending the city. A better plot would have been how the chinese soldier was able to hide in the security zone and how he saw the atrocities being carried out..
    Thumbnail looked like James Brown.
    European Flatliners
    Trailer already making me wanna cry


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