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    STREAM Leave No Trace


    leave no trace


    It honestly frustrates that they make it seem like Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t want to live. Of course we value life because it’s our gift but we value our relationship with Jehovah more and we obey him. Not even death can separate us from his love, the Bible says. Jehovah is the source of life which means he can restore our life. If we remain faithful until death then we will be crowned with life says Revelation 2:10 . Even though we don’t want to die, we trust that our God will bring us back to life in a world where we will never have to be put in that position again. Many people just don’t understand this..

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    The issue in the trailer is not Life VS Dignity, but Life VS Superstition..

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    As a nurse, I’ve watched patients suffer and die unnecessarily because their faith deems blood transfusions unacceptable!.

    OOOOoooooh god that looks amazing!!!


    Need to see this

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    Even though this movie will probably be fine, I feel like there’s a bunch of un-needed movies that have random titles like rose– and the story line is like this girl called rose had her period and now the world will end. but like, true..
    Emma Thompson’s sister-in-law (Greg Wise’s sister) recently died of cancer. Both Emma and Greg were very close to her. I think you see how much she cared in this performance..
    why did this trailer made me cry??????

    Ah german film…bye!
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    i cried. emma is brilliant as always .never one to fail . but always gives her upmost 200%. stanley tucci incredible acting. A BIG WOW.
    Wohl aktuelles Thema in den USA: Freiheit & absolute Unabhängigkeit. Gibt da wohl Einige, die meinen, man sollte wieder rückständig werden.

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