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    ➜➞→ WATCH & STREAM I Can Only Imagine ⇦◀⇐


    I’m a Muslim but I really like this song it makes me cry
    i can only imagine movie trailer
    Guess this is what happens when you get kicked out the avengers lol
    i can only imagine showtimes
    To be perfectly honest, I’ve heard/played/sung this song a lot in services, youth groups, and high school chapels and this was not a very good version of the song from and emphasis point of view. There were weird points of emphasis in her version where the middle lines were sung with more strength and conviction than the finishing phrases (She emphasizes lines like Will I stand in your presence with conviction, but then sings or to my knees will I fall super softly and without nearly as much feeling) The strength of I Can Only Imagine is in how the melody is supposed to swing up towards the end of its ‘I Can Only Imagine phrases (symbolizing rising up to God/Heaven, coming from darkness to hope and life). Aliyah often sings those runs down which makes the song sound more melancholic. It was also an odd choice when the kids come in and they try to create a harmony of sorts with them because Aliyah is the one singing the harmony while the kids are singing the main melody and it just did not work for me because the harmony was overpowering the melody. She has a good voice, but solid vocals could not save this song choice for me..

    I lost my grandfather to cancer about a month ago. I can only imagine what it would be like to stand infront of my creator and walk inside the pearly gates

    I+Can+Only+imagine life
    the girl reminds me of Emma watson in Harry potter 1st part

    I+Can+Only+imagine a world

    she deserves to be in the finale , more than hunter plake

    How do you sign i can only imagine in sign language

    i can only imagine mp3

    just watched the movie and it was fine… but the entire movie is almost in the trailer

    i can only imagine the song

    And i find myself, stand in the sun

    AWESOME! I’ve always loved MercyMe. Can’t wait to see it!

    i can only imagine tamela mann

    I think the top 4 will be Chris, Lauren, Aliyah, and Jesse

    i can only imagine lyrics
    Daddy I know your not imagining anymore!! Up there in sky, with the big man himself. My guardian angel daddy 6/7/70 – 5/16/18
    I guess you could say…. She hacc She ain’t blacc But she attacc…
    i can only imagine song lyrics
    She has a very beautiful voice and I love this song but I reeaaallly did not like this performance. Not her fault. This was a very poorly done arrangement.


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