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    ➙➛➡ WATCH Bad Match ⬅⇐⇦


    Salt Bae Movie
    keanu reeves with a mustache?? i gotta see this
    I notice a lot of what you’d think were big time comedians are making all their own movies and tv shows.

    Ladies and gents, I present to you thee absolute worst movie of the year. Garbage
    This is the type of movie you watch when you’re a new student. Hanging with all your new corny little buddies and pretending all the gross out and dim witted jokes are hilarious when deep down you know you’re better than that. Definitely better than the smelly weed soaked morons surrounding you and inside you’re dying because you can’t really stand the stink of weed in an enclosed space and don’t want to have deep conversations with a bunch of stoned idiots but you stay anyway because you don’t know any better and anyway you’re stuck in a dorm with these twerps..
    I wonder if women ever get tired of these cliche romance movies. There’s nothing worst than sending messages to girls and making them think they could be the super special one that can change a stupid immature player..
    Oh dear. Comedy is dead.
    NOT WATCHING! Looks cheesy, unoriginal and HORRIBLE actors. Also black men are the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES! They complain about racism and not being given opportunities because of their skin color but then turn around and do the same thing to black women. They are REPLACING black women with BIRACIAL/ LATINA women…ALL THE BLACK women in this are ALL BIRACIAL and pass the PAPER BAG TEST. I noticed this has been happening in black media since the mid 2000s or so because before that black women of all complexions were celebrated (from Gabby Union to Nia to Meagan to Halle). Now it’s only LIGHT black women. They even had a BIRACIAL woman play Nelson Mandela’s AFRICAN wife and another BIRACIAL playing Will Smith’s character AFRICAN wife in Concussion and another BIRACIAL playing Storm, an african character. I don’t mind biracials getting more roles than black women but this is getting ridiculous. I wish black women will make a rom com with ONLY BIRACIAL/LATINO/WHITE men..
    This movie wont do very well.. since the trailer doesnt tell you much other than crazy people chopping off limbs in the desert… guess they will need a 2nd trailer to give a better insight on this movie.
    I swear I can never understand a word French Montana says.

    Vice is a horrible outlet. This demoralizing is content.
    Why is Timothy even sexier when he’s dealing drugs
    looks like a LMN movie hehe
    Um…. nooooooooo


    1. Too many characters/Actors 2. Poor soundtrack 3. The story is too simple/boring
    So crap…


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