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    Don’t press read more Your 2019 is now cursed ĺiké and śûbśćribè to me to undo.
    Oscar Martinez

    All those are fake wins
    I love Lily!
    actually insane that they have the best cs go team NA and was not mentioned once lul, none the less tho pretty impressive shit tbh

    I kinda didn’t see Paul wesely
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    Everyone when the girl got the victory in the beginning she was in Playground mode look carefully
    cartoon network the place of the best cartoons. no cartoon network the best of the horrible live-action.

    i am definitely not watching this on my note 9
    This looks good
    Why the fuck is CN pushing this shitty show?
    Hey it’s Betty Cooper from Riverdale!
    0:58 Stephen Hawking could actually get an erection

    The mom makes me uncomfortable… 😖
    Except even worse.
    YAHOOOO she just went viral of a zero kill win on playground. Yaaaaaaaaa you go girl😁😁😁😁
    screw u too this show rocks i wish my life was like this 
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    Brittany Snow 😍😍😍
    thumbs up if ur just gonna wacth it because of the chick in this
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    Timothy Chalomet is going to be a HUGE star… my God his performances are SOOOO AMAZING!
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    No se por que pero me da mucho cringe
    The glory days of esports are here and Liquid is leading the charge!

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    I’m sold



    give ichase credit

    Even a movie trailer needs boobs in the thumbnail
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    Every day, we stray further from god

    I just saw the patapon part and now am hella hyped

    Im Confused… i did the steps to get the skin.. and did not get it my epic id is: flip_cyde

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    Ninja playing with a girl, SURPRISING
    This convinced me to buy a Windows Phone.
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    Timmy is beautiful wow how


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