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    ➙➙ WATCH ; STREAM Shino Can’t Say Her Own Name ◀◀


    Hinata and Naruto💖❤



    if they keep this up with the non-dc characters dlcs, injustice 2 is gonna be one strange awesome game

    Omg… Am definitely getting the game now. Am playing as raph or Leo you can’t stop s

    How’s this for a fighter pack? Rorschach, Killer Croc and Quan Chi.

    I started to watch the anime version of Marmalade Boy this year. Who knows that they also produced a live action of Marmalade Boy this yearr!!! The anime still feels fresh in my mind. Old but gold 😍.

    1:14 Oh Thank You Mr. United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama BIG WOOP
    Bali: Beats of Paradise
    Ladies and gentlemen, Ms banana falana.
    Dot: Come on I was busy Wakko: another day with Brad Pit?
    Geeze he was saying his view of the situation dumbass.
    Naruto💖Sasuke forever

    ellen page was awesome in this movie
    On the point of changing your name, here’s my position on the matter. If you were to actually change your name, I believe it would only be a temporary fix. You would spend some time (months/years) saying your new name confidently and stutter free, but sooner or later the negative thinking habits will return and you will find yourself stuttering on your new name as well! I find this theory true simply due to the fact that you (and myself included) have not always stuttered on our names. It’s something that developed due to fear and panic because you know the moment is going to come when you have to say that damn word. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone somewhere to get a drink or food and I’m standing in line feeling super anxious simply because I’m afraid to stutter in my name. Today, I go ahead and just say my name no matter how long it takes. Always remind yourself that the judgments of other literally don’t mean anything. They will mean something if you let them, but you also have to choice to literally brush unnecessary negative emotion/energy off your shoulders. Stutter is very frustrating and stressful, but I also believe that it’s made me a more open minded person. I find myself always exploring the mind and trying to understand how it works. Over the years I’ve learned to analyse my emotions and surroundings when I stutter. It has become very clear to me that when I fear stuttering, my stutter is more severe. This is when I try to flood my mind with positive thoughts and confidence. Although I may still stutter, I’ve come to accept that sometimes I will struggle a bit, but I’m proud of who I am. Always feel proud and BE SELF AWARE!.
    Woah from 00:51 to 1:43 you did not stutter
    古川毅やばい ぽんぽんされたい
    I only stutter around someone I have a crush on, when I’m nerves, or a person I don’t know. (It is soooo embarrassing) 😅
    Non ho capito un cazzo ma mi ispira un sacco

    Watch Full Length Little Tito and the Aliens dual audio


    Which one is happy ending?

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