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    Winter Brothers
    When she said Kat Von D I legit yelled no hunny!!!! we dont stan an anti-vaxxer

    One of my eyebrows goes higher than the other one too haha
    you are so pretty ! we subbed to you, you have great videos :))
    sorry guys color guard all the way ✊💛💛💛
    poloroid💗💓🐉🍊🌈✨🦋 i love u and ur vids!!
    I also am in chorus and love to sing and my dream is to go and get in to the manhattan school of musical arts
    never noticed the eyebrows before and now that’s all I see
    I’m Brazilian! I loved when you spoke in portuguese. It was the best! 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍

    Publix subs really are the best! And I played alto saxophone in high school! I’m practically you!😂
    Basically Glee.
    Makeup with ariana grande please I love her she is goals 😂♥️♥️♥️♥️x
    My high school crush is and still is Gevon Thomas. He played football and i was on color guard so i was at every game!. Actually since middle school. Now we’re at separate colleges aaaand i still have a big crush on him..
    OMG you’re eyebrows are sooo perfect.. I wish I had your eyebrows!!!! F*ck who says that they’re not pretty cause they really are

    Get, Ready. with Me khatrimaza
    Your band director looks like simon cowell! Lol I played the flute while growing up. Go woodwinds!
    I wish patrickk uploaded more often, the amount of joy and comfortness i get from his videos is unreal, i genuinely got so excited when i saw he had uploaded..
    You should totally do a makeover hair video! That would be awesome
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    My first crush ever since elementary to high school was my friend/neighbor Angel Lopez. TBH I still have a crush on him. After that got married right outta high school non the less. His momma told my momma he had the biggest crush on me. I was shocked af. And now that I’m getting divorced, I’m like where he at now. lol. Love ya.
    Polariod 💕
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    Get, Ready. with, Me! English, Full & Movie? Free? Download

    has vídeos en ESPAÑOL PORFAVOR
    First i love you so much…ur so cute 💖

    Longest crush in high school, and the only one that never became anything was pat mccauliff. We always slow danced at every dance at least once, it was our thing. But thats it lol i was always too chicken shit to do anything else. 😂.

    Get, Ready with! Me? Online. HBO 2018 Online

    Not saying this just cause you were saying ur insecure about it, but I always thought that your one eyebrow being higher than the other made you look super chic and fierce in ur Instagram pics.

    i’m so confused did her and dylan break up or not cause i saw something that they did but she was wearing a necklace with an “s” and a “d” so.

    I have a crush… (im still in highschool) His name is ken rumbaoa. But he is such a SNOB. I kinda hate him. :(.

    I am jealous of her skin

    i love you!!!! i was in marching band, i did colorguard and i marched drum corps!! its so awesome to see our activity get some recognition!!!!!!! dci is my favorite thing ever..
    Do you fake tan?
    I thought you had makeup on before you got in the shower what the heck Summer you’re so naturally stunning!!
    Yaaaas shout out to DCI! Like you, I played clarinet in band and I also did colorguard, mellophone and baritone in drum corps!
    cute makeup💗I love you summer your the best …besides I am a German girl
    Slayyyyy Booo😍😍😍
    your skin looks amazing!
    A valentine’s day make up tutorial…..!!!!
    everything looks good on her because she’s so pretty haha

    Polaroid! Your face is super beautiful!

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