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    ➔➙➞ DOWNLOAD T2: Trainspotting ⇦⇐⬅


    wtf…. i literally only heard of trainspotting a couple days ago. i had the movie at my house because a stack of movies were given to me and never noticed it. i recently had a friend from the UK stay over and she asked if i had watch it before. this was last saturday, i hadnt watched it, so i watched it the next night, sunday. which is 1 day before this trailer drops. such a weird coincidence to bring me to that movie. i ended up loving it, so good!!! i cant wait for this.
    Drive boy dog boy /Dirty numb angel boy /In the doorway boy /She was a lipstick boy She was a beautiful boy /And tears boy /And all in your innerspace boy/ You had /hands girl boy /and steel boy /You had chemicals boy /I’ve grown so close to you Boy / and you just groan boy /She said comeover comeover /She smiled at you boy..
    Blade artist……….opening chapter , begbie at his psycho best !!
    I really hope Underworld has some tracks for this film.
    This is such a great movie!
    Half of the people read the title and thought Terminator 2..and I am one of them
    And the reason? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you have sequels?

    I already saw the movie and it is so good!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! This movie is pure and complete fiction and has been debunked utterly. IT IS PROPAGANDA. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Your all retarded for believing it. WE WA KANGZ!!!!!!!! AN SHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    the train can’t get here quick enough. T2 will be the biggest film of 2017 effortlessly.
    T2:. Trainspotting, in, hindi… download? 480p
    YES finally Terminator 2 is coming out!
    This was a great movie.
    I paid for the rental but there is an error saying error due to licensing issues. Do I get my money back?
    Does the tall skinny lady out of the 3 play Cookies sister in Empire?
    can’t wait for it and also can’t wait for T3 in 2036 i think!
    so, is this Porno? or a different story with the same guys?
    I see Beggers is still going with the slip on shit flickers and white sock combo.
    About time, its good to see them together again.
    T2:, Trainspotting. movie – 123movies, english

    Realistically half the characters would be dead by now, Spud was a junkie & would have spent all that money from the locker on drugs and OD’d not long after the first movie lol

    About time!

    Americans won’t get the catholic scene lol!

    I know there is a sequel to the original book but come on….. Trainspotting is perfect. Why couldn’t they leave it be? Well, in Danny Boyle we trust. Fingers crossed you’ve done it again sir 👍.


    Has the movie industry been so hooked on sequels, remakes, and reboots, that they are now doing this to indie films?

    what crap is this?

    Terminator 2: trainspotting

    reminds me of fight club back in the day.interesting film

    WHY did the producers of this movie ruin the historical veracity of a GREAT opening scene by using a police car manufactured three years AFTER the event portrayed?  The scene is set in 1961 and the cop is driving a 1964 Ford. I mean DAMN! They couldn’t find a 1961 car of some sort? In later scenes, there are parking lots filled with appropriately aged, vintage cars..

    So what you been up to . . . for 20 years? I became a Jedi and fought the Empire!.

    Whaaat out of all UK movies ive seen Trainspotting was the last movie I was expecting with a sequel how long has it bin.

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