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    Better call saitama this time

    best movie ever made,even better than Citizen Kane.

    my question is why the F does the space station have them land in Deleware when they obviously know the monster is right there..???

    Are these aliens not advanced than the ones of the first cloverfield
    Can’t wait for Clover field Overlord
    It’s more confusing than the Alien world that has now become muddled with Prometheus and and Covenant ruining the story flow. liked the films alone but the universe doesn’t make sense. This is similar. I feel like the success of Cloverfield 1 was where the idea of a universe came in and now it’s being forced. If this series was more thought out since the beginning, then it would make more sense. They are growing this story with no point and decided to make it a dimensional journey to keep sequels coming. It’s just interstellar, but with a bit more fun and merged into a story that I believe had no point except to make money off kids science obsessions.
    Finished it already gotta day it’s pretty good , creeped me out towards the end

    As soon as this cane out, I came, watched three seconda, then hit the like button and left. Three hours later, I go in and it’s been copyright blocked. Shit!
    Well Chris there were a lot of things that you missed. For fan of the movies I’m surprise that you miss these things. There were a lot of audio Qs that told us what timeline we were in. The news broadcasts are basically the same ones that were Heard in the 2008 film. The differences that because it’s film from space the audio signal is not the same also the fighter jet sequins tells us that we are after the events of the first incident. So then it would make sense that when you hear the first explosion that is actually a bomb falling from that very same fighter jet. Also take a closer listen to The difference in the monsters. When each one roars it is a little different. The monster sounds different in the first film than it does in this one so it would make sense that is a completely different beast. Also if you listen very closely in 10 Cloverfield Lane you’ll hear one of those big monsters outside the window. So that means that both of those events are happening at the very same time. I would suggest maybe watching all three films together, but instead of focusing on what’s going on and what you see focus on what you hear and I think you may learn some things..
    Whatever you’re doing, stop creature apologizes and the movie ends
    A confusing plot line, shot full of holes and overthinking it still makes zero sense? Otherwise known as ‘doing a JJ’
    The other earth the cloverfield space station went to was the earth that 2008 cloverfield took in a i thought, and cloverfield Lane is what I don’t think fits within everything. The universe in paradox is the universe that caused the monster to appear in the other earth as well as their earth and the aliens in 10 cloverfield Lane.
    For those thinking the ending of this movie is what you see at the end of Cloverfield 1 I’m sorry to say that isnt the case. cloverfield 1 takes place in a separate dimension in 2008 that was effected by the paradox taking place in a this films current dimension in the year 2028. The guy in the beginning of the movie explains that when a paradox occurs is spawns past, present, and future across multiple planes. This is why the next Cloverfield movie is reportedly taking place in during the first half of the 20th century..
    Sins movies showing us news broadcasts like we’re omniscient Sins movies incorporating the news by having the characters watch it.
    Absolute trash. The first film I’ve actively taken the time to dislike on my Netflix…
    Remember, films are supposed to be fun, and The Cloverfield Paradox was great weird entertainment. Bravo to the cast.
    Chris O’Dowd is Irish. Chris O’Dowd’s character is Irish. I’m Irish. Chris O’Dowd’s character is responding to these situations in a normal Irish manner. Ireland has a very long and dark history, so we’ve evolved quite a black sense of humour in order to cope with the worst of situations..
    You should totally trash those animated Godzilla movies. Starting with the fact they are movies. Considering each one is close to two hours and barely have title character Godzilla in it..

    I was really hoping the ship (name?) would be transported to the Cloverfield monster’s ‘mother planet’. Then maybe they decide to explore the surface, or perhaps they’d crash… but someway or another, it’s discovered the alternate/new reality’s ship-counterpart fired their device while on the surface of the planet, THUS transporting the monster to Earth (by opening a wormhole near the cloverfield monster, would also explain alien invasion… sort of). This film left me with far more questions than I had before watching it. More annoying than entertaining..
    The original isn’t on Netflix?
    Is that bigger than godzilla
    That mounth can eat the Godzilla 2014 our even Godzilla Earth That thing can put a godzilla on it mounth
    This movie was excellent
    Why couldn’t Moss have been in it?
    This movie could have actually been good. But…………plot……..ruined…….it……this particle accelerator……dimension…..story was…..ABSOLUTELY STUPID AND NOT NEEDED. Change my mind..

    That is my dream

    The movie was great but The Locals gonna say it’s bad like always

    cloverfield always was terribad right from the first one

    By dismissing the dude with the book you lost the point of the movie. He explains that the accelerator will create different dimensions and affect the past and the present. The monster we see in the 1st one is a result of the accelerator but that monster was sent to the past.

    thats’ a big shredder

    Forgot to add a sin for yet another movie with forced diversity… unbelievable characters in unbelievable roles..
    (I’m not big on theory crafting, I like the idea of an anthology series, so) Does anyone else feel like this film was a reaction to audiences who saw 10 Cloverfield Lane and said: What’s an anthology? It feels like Paradox is trying to make a typical Hollywood franchise out of a perfectly good anthology format..
    If I could turn into the cloverfield monster at will and i ask someone who has some gum for some gum and they say no 1:25

    Never understand this movie…ever

    When are you going to review MINDHUNTER !!! please chris

    Yes, the movie was a disappointment, but it wasn’t trash. Most of you lot hating on this movie are just over exaggerating and jumping onto the hate train..
    I’m going to watch it. Warn me if it’s needed
    When you didn’t buy the movie

    Just finished it really crazy and dumb but id watch it again
    So this movie is basically the demonic version of the Mandela Effect?
    IM looking for a movie that i think is from 2017/ish Key points 1. Brother returns from Himalayas years later from backpacking 2. Has rich London/New York household on the street 3.butler/dog doesn’t trust him or accommodate him in distinction 4. Sister had a special relation with him specifically with classical art van goh/ Picasso / etc she is the key piece of flipping his story 5. He takes a bike ride to interrogate the real brother he has kidnapped down in a basement 6. He uses dog veins inside his arm to fake an insulin shot 7. He had a journal that gave him all the insight 8. I think a guy was hired to authenticate him..
    Wait, so does this mean that the thing in cloverfield that crashed in the ocean, wasnt the monster but actually the station crashing like the tv broadcasted in paradox from that dimension?.
    This trailer is way better than the movie


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