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    I’m kinda scared of Ross Lynch because of this. It’s uncomfortable to see him play such a dark role, but then again that’s why he was cast..

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    And people wonder what’s wrong with America today!

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    He protects M’lady.

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    This movie was okay, the best part was He home aloned him!

    Asian parent’s dream child

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    If you consider your self an EMPATH, do not watch this movie.
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    the woman must have a happy ending I want to tell her that the young man killed all his friend and his boyfriend like the young man go to prison
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    The Plot twist; It was his evil twin all along.
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    Need more movies like this. So thrilling
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    Seems like all Disney stars are now psychopaths or killers
    Hi Zack 😂
    There’s a clip in this where his brother gets the last leg of the family dinner and Dahmer moans: But I like the dark meat! That’s got to be more than a coincidental thing.
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    very nice movie..but i don’t like the ending..that dude deserved to be torn out to pieces or be humiliated…

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    I thought that was Cole 😭😭
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    Very good movie!! It’s my new favourite movie!

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    So…you can’t watch an innocent dog get killed in the movie but it’s fine if it’s an innocent human? Very good logic you hippo.
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    I love how they have the same voice. Why can’t anyone tell the difference between them. Dylan has a chubbier face, light brown hair, and bushier eyebrows.. Pretty simple lol
    Both of boys are becoming so….. Edgy. In a really hot way.
    My mouth was open till the end after he began enjoying the killing LOL looks misleading tho
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    I come to the comments to see what people thought of the movie and all i see is unfunny jokes and people mentioning he’s Zack from Zack and Cody…
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    I have a friend who looks like Jeffrey Dahmer
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    I sorta wanna see this
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    I find these kind of stories interesting, but I see the tumblr-serial/massmurder-fangirls quaking too…
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    I wanted to see this before I saw the dog in the trailer.
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    it’s really different And it’s not like home Alone this is a lot different but its good Pls watch it i’m still shook
    I just saw this…..not a comedy
    Is this Zack or Cody? lol
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    I’m reading the comments trying to see if it’s a good movie but nobody is talking about it ..I guess I’ll watch it anyways
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    emo Ross Lynch makes me want to break off somebodies finger nails and burn them into ashes then take the ashes and put them in some guys sandwich.


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