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    wart is this trailer song
    Clearly this is the follow-up to INTERSTELLAR. Prequel or sequel, TBD.
    This is no leaf on the wind, will not watch it *soar. (*Edit. Derp).
    This song makes me move I love it

    Is this what Cooper and Brand got up to after settling on Edmunds’ Planet?

    This film is incredbily entertaining and intriguing from beginning to end. Saw this on a rainy, dreary day using boxxy software, and it fit the day perfectly..

    Got a feeling this is going to be some SJW trash.

    There’s only one Serenity movie. And this ain’t it.

    0:08 – 0:15 Cobb is confused. He’s probably thinking in what dream level he’s in… 0:15 – 0:20 Cooper drifting through the Cornfield 0:26 – 0:34 He can feel the enemy soldiers on the English Channel ALTERNATE UNIVERSE CONFIRMED LOL.

    It’s plain simple trailer it’s about a woman physically abused by her husband until she no longer can take it and so she hires a fisherman with whome she falls in love to kill her husband throw his body in the ocean.

    Well Dressed Wise Woman 😘♥🙈💪 Saoirse Ronan !!!.🙊😉

    Jeez man! WHY THE TICKING SOUND! WHY!!!??? 🙉😭 😣😫!! That’s all I could focus on. IDK what the damn movie is about it looked confusing AF. Lol especially with the freaking ticking!😵😰🤤😝🙃.

    When I saw the thumbnail and the name I thought it was a euphemism and that the movie would be a horror/thriller about a eugenics program gone wrong..

    I don’t even know what version popped up as an ad but as soon as I realized it was Anton I almost started crying.

    Okay am I the only one who sees the comparison of attitude between Lady bird and John Lennon. Okay so it is really weird to compare these two but in this movie called ‘nowhere boy’ it tells the story of John Lennon when he was young and he was just so rebellious. He always found a loophole to little things and wasn’t afraid to speak back, just like Ladybird in the trailer. I know it’s weird but I just can’t stop seeing the resemblance.

    ohhh yeah I can’t wait to watch this
    As confusing as a Lincoln commercial.

    I love Anya ! ill watch anything with her in it now !

    Am I supposed to believe that broke back Taylor Swift looking chick from Split, is able to seduce any half decent looking guy?.

    Sorry, Serenity as a movie name will always belong to the Browncoats.
    There’s no place I can be
    The Host 2… it tried to live a human life and went insane.
    How many more movies dose Anton still have yet to release? I know he per made some before his death but is this his last one?.
    this is riveting stuff. if they weren’t so attractive there would be nothing in this movie. sleepathon.

    this looks great!

    I’m not sure if you all know, but when this trailer was first released, the majority of the comments were negative. Everybody had something to say about the plot or quality of a movie they hadn’t seen yet. When the film was released, those comments were outnumbered by positive words very quickly. I’m so happy to have seen such a change of heart among the viewers. This is truly a great movie, and I can’t wait to see what Greta Gerwig does next..

    A masterwork. Every role played and written to perfection. I’m in China at the moment so only can see this as a download.. but this format will allow you to pause and read the salvaged letters from Lady Birds mom. Swear to God .. they will break your heart..
    Doctor Strange
    Wow. Society sinks lower all the time? This is entertainment?
    Rudy (25th Anniversary)
    An awesome concept ruined by an incredibly awful script and bad direction.
    Anton :’((((
    Does anyone happen to know what song the music at the end is used from? Or if it even is from a song? I would greatly appreciate anyone who could let me know!.
    Am I the only one who watched this hoping for the next Firefly installment? Probably…

    omg anton yelchin !! 🙁 rip what a amzing and talented Young actor loved his films !
    The trailer doesn’t do justice to this brilliant film. The tone Gerwig’s direction brought to this story was brilliant!

    Anton 💔💔
    Burn the land and boil the sea
    all that emotion and going nowhere
    just bc it Anya Taylor from The Witch I’ll watch it for sure ;).
    Parece que la última actuación de Anton Yelchin será de las mejores.

    I thought it was Sienna Miller; now, I don’t care about this!


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