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    ➜→▶ STREAM Tiny Christmas ⟸⟸←


    I love you.I am live in Serbia and what is your movie name?😘😘

    Anyway you are the most beautiful girl in the world!!!!!


    Hello Lizzy, you are very beautiful, greetings from Argentina
    I want to watch this
    hey, Lizzy! my name is Tanya. I live in Russia. I’m 11 years old and I like watching Nikki Dickie Ricky and Don and especially I love you . I would be happy to meet you . l love you 😘😘😘.
    Beautiful as always Lizzy
    I SAW THE MOVIE TODAY DEC 18 2017 MONDAY AT 4:00 pm or 3:00 pm THE MOVIE IS SO COOL 😎
    Hhhhhiiiii l love you and you sweeet
    wow what an original plot Good Luck Charlie: It’s Christmas
    Just watched the whole movie in a minute and 45 seconds. Smh

    WoooOoooW.. perfect & magic girl!!!

    You are so cool and beautiful Lizzy 😊

    Heroes Legend Of The Battle Discs, Season Two Please

    😍😍😍can’t wait for the movie. You look amazing in red jumpsuits and nice video lizz

    Like als je nl bent en als je zamea wild😎😎😎.کۆدبە اڿسڕ بەووێڜجامپ? کۆرێا

    Goddess right in front of me. Beautiful just beautiful.

    This reminds me of Good luck Charlie for some reason 👟- Edit- Oh some one already said that … like multiple times 😐

    great movie

    You look so pretty!!! Like always😘…Im in love😂.Love you Lizzy😍😘😘❤❤💕

    I’m from there
    Ds fan😊☺😁😃😀
    дон привет я незнаю ты понемаешь меня если да то ты моя фанатка я тебе остовляю мой номер у вайбер 0665666178
    This actually reminds me of the Honey I shrunk the kids. It’s not the storyline though but the quality. It’s fine actually. KIds and early​ teens will probably love it.
    Love it so much! btw if you are reading this ILYSM
    Eveyone this is a nickledeon movie

    I love you so much you are super beautiful and your videos are amazing I love you so so much and It would mean a lot for me if you like this!

    Good luck

    She has the best smirk
    I’m sad because Deafnne is gone😞 i love that dolls name because it has deaf in it and it brang Daphne joy😁

    Your beautiful I love Nicky Ricky dicky and dawn love you so much lol my name is amaia’s
    I love Christmas
    Tina I love you love you very much I’m going to give you a heart I T and Haiti I’m going to give you a heart right now and you do

    Lizzy your are soo cute
    You so pretty
    I love u lizzie

    So it’s a show that they decided to make into a Christmas movie
    Spoiler: They encounter Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz, and accept their invitation to LeisureLand, where they become underage lovers of Waltz and Udo Kier.
    Soooooooo cute
    Hi I LOVE your movies all of them you are doing a good Joe keep on going bye 🤗
    I love you Lizzy Greene
    Great video ❤️ I can’t wait for vlogmas ❤️❤️
    Love you
    I can’t wait to watch this!!

    hè Lizzy, when new videos or vlogs come online👍🏻☺️
    I like your Vlogs 🤗🤓😎


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