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    Turbulent relationship = abusive relationship

    So that´s what they were waiting for in that one book we had to read in school….

    i wish more of jean luc goddard’s bio movie with anna karina instead rather than anne wiazemsky.

    First massage im a clishe

    Pierrot le fou and Vivre sa vie changed my life when I first saw them at 15. While I don’t love everything the man does (or even the man himself), Godard will always be an important influence on me. Also Anna Karina is one of my biggest crushes of all time..
    Please make the english subtitle 🙏🙏🙏

    Why there is no information about his late movies? There are fantastic too!
    ΦΑΝΤΑΣΤΙΚΟ ! Great work and most informative. Thank you sir

    Which film features the longish coffee scene? Thanks…

    Goddard, the perfect symbol of the over-intellectual French art. His films are a pain in the ass to watch. Think of Weekend 10 minutes car traffic scene blasting horns supposedly to mean something about modern society. Maybe his experiments were important on the early ages of film but looking at them now, only film scholars still think they are any good..

    Only 4 minutes in and already gave this a like. Bravo!

    Godard is still in the vanguard of cinema to this day. You need to watch his work with the Dziga Vertov and his return to cinema, from Passion to Adieu au language.

    The music from breathless levelled me man.

    I have to see this!
    which film is the clip of belmondo saying ‘communiste’ from??

    Thank you so much for this video. I adore Godard and know feel I have an even greater understanding and love for his oeuvre. Keep it up. What would be your top 5 godard films?.
    I mean, that’s all well and good but maybe you should have included literally anything about his influence on modern cinema if that was the point you were trying to make? How are you demonstrating his liberation of cinema without showing how cinema changed because of him?.

    It would be great to talk about his 21th century films
    Godard also made movies in the 80’s, the 90’s and today again…

    godard was the greatest ever

    haha if Godard only knew how much film school made me study his work
    At last someone who talks about Godard while having truly seen and understood the movies, and not only brings up platitudes about Breathless and Contempt..


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