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    WATCH& DOWNLOAD Passage of Life


    I’m just here for the forehead jokes.

    I love post apocalyptic tv and movies like this.

    My head hurts😒😒😒😒

    Boringggg. No motive to the film. Cliche. Everything about it was a yawn fest. Nothing exciting at all

    Saw the pilot yesterday…the show won’t last… not good at all.


    Meet Me After Sunset Watch Full Part 1
    A toxic earth is very possible with the rate of environmental destruction happening now!

    Oh I C, Genisis, cuz life began in Africa
    How to make a netflix movie: 1.- Hire one or two actors for the entire movie (barely known actors so they charge little $). 2.- Make it last only 1:36 min (you know, because production costs) 3.- Choose a totally used up movie theme (too expensive to be creative) 4.- finish the movie with a totally vague ending..
    Looks good
    Movie Makers : There’s going to be a lot of bleak staring in this. We don’t want acting ability, we need someone who can stare bleakly for over 100 minutes! Margaret Qualley: Whuut? * gives bleak stare * Movie Makers: YOU’RE HIRED!.
    Another climate propaganda film
    Please find a new profession
    Not the biggest budget flick ever made and sometimes you just have to look the other way and say Whatever, I guess that made sense… maybe but it’s not a bad movie at all..
    Anyone else getting a Last of Us vibe from this or is it just me?
    No social worker, no female rep…Hmm, I smell a rat. Smart kid. Right up until Gosselaar’s character decided to run with the kid I was wondering what kind of sick twisted show are they trying to promote now. I’m gonna wait to binge watch this if it at least can last a season. I’m guessing it most likely won’t..
    I think it was a nice and quiet sf-movie. The setting is well made, the characters are believable because of their weirdness and the finale wasn’t too bad..
    Portray breathe measure sink shoulder percentage paint clean pocket bay.

    I’m guessing he will sacrifice himself to save her
    Have Amy the Girl from Nowhere being played by a sassy little black girl is like having Frodo Baggins being played by the Rock…this needs proper Hollywood movie treatment..

    One of them will make it. Other one will sacrifice. So predictable.
    Watched this flick two nights ago. The trailer creates the illusion of an exciting and action-packed movie worth watching. However, It was a complete snooze fest!!! Nobody spoke for the first 30 minutes, the next 30 minutes is wasted on courting in a post-ap world and the end is absolutely ret*rded! Thanks for waisting my time, i want the 90 minutes back…..
    Damn Thanos really did whipe out 50% of all living things
    Holy crap! This is really low-grade shite!
    Se c’è qualche italiano che sta guardando il trailer, e vi interessa, per favore comprate prima il libro così magari tradurranno il terzo. Sono anni che stiamo aspettando😭😭.

    Someone explain to me how quad bike engines worked without oxygen in the atmosphere..
    I always find it funny that we can kill each other by the millions if not billions in the real world, yet are biggest fear is that AI might do the same thing sometime in the imagined future. 😂😂😂😂🤣.
    The black dude isn’t a Muslim bisexual transgender. 3/10 Not enough diversity.
    I never comment on YouTube, but good god this looks terrible! This looks BARELY like the plot of the book. I was excited for about 5 seconds when I saw the stub, like I gasped and had to calm down. Then I watched the trailer… I absolutely ADORE the book, that makes this just a huge disappointment..

    When it will canceled?

    Let it be known, all this, was in episode one, all of it, the first 180 pages of the book. 1 Episode. Good Job Fox, just Bravo.
    Why did they choose to release it on FOX? Did the producers/directors not want to potentially finish the season or not care about a season 2? There’s HBO or Netflix or other platforms to make a decent show that’ll at least see its whole season released and possibly a second season. FOX is where scifi shows go to die..
    I want to see this. The critics don’t like it but that has been the case with many science fiction movies and TV shows that I have enjoyed.
    Terrible script, badly done, brainlessly directed, just beautiful views
    GENESIS means the beginning of new LIFE.
    beginning of the dharma initiative XD :D
    This actor always plays science fiction movies… 😂
    I don’t understand why some people don’t like the actor they picked to play Amy. What? Because she’s black? Give me a break. WHO CARES?? She’s a great actress. Justin Cronin did a panel at NY Comic Con and said on her audition she NAILED it. I’d much rather have a great actress who can portray the character best..
    O filme não tem nada a ver com o trailer e o final não tem sentido nem um 👎🏼

    Cuantos latinos like si eres latino


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