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    WATCH Michael Moore In TrumpLand


    Moore is the love child of Rosey O’Donnell and jabba the hut

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    Forbes magazine wrote this film was a huge flop at the box office..

    Great comedy . Trump 2020 . Now melt 🥳

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    I’m guessing this documentary doesn’t actually answer the question it poses.

    Also das mit der Hitlerszene war echt unnötig übertrieben.
    I saw the movie last night. If you haven’t seen it you should, whatever side you are on. Very educational, but funny at the same time. There’s a lot to learn here. Audience applauded at the end.
    Michael Avenatti 2020
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    It’s weird that Moore understood what people saw in Trump, and yet after the election he continued on with the same tired liberal rhetoric. Maybe it’s the HRT

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    This flop should spell the end of Mikey’s career.

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    I support Trump MAGA

    WOW! You must be a James O’keefe fan? Edit out the whole TRUE INTENT of MM’s message. You really think that proves anything?

    michael moore in trumpland movie

    I want to see this. I loathe trump. But loathe David hogg and the angry lesbian teen as well. Dilemma

    I’m an international student from China. Honestly, after seeing this movie I’m not sure if I should continue study in U.S. I’m concerned. What’s this country and this society is teaching me? How to make money by taking advantage of other people?.

    Trump 💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏻💪🏼🙏🏻💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
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    We don’t regret brexit stop shit talking.
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    REDWAVE!! Semper Fi! Protect the constitution! Protect your freedoms! Protect your sovereignty! VOTE RED OR AMERICA IS DEAD!.
    Macht doch mal n film darüber wie viele Länder Obama zerstört und bombadiert hat.
    I want to use Moore’s mouth as a toilet
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    More fake Documentaries.
    Watch, Michael, Moore. In, TrumpLand… movie, youtube
    Ist jetzt nicht nur an Trump gerichtet sondern an die gesamte Menschliche Species…. Menschen sind so dumm😑😑😑

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    why nobody says anything about the falling resource of this planet ?.
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    Cry liberals and cry some more lol #MAGA
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    Full Movie Happy End HD 1080p Without Paying putlockers.
    Trump means it. That’s why the globalists are losing their minds. A billionaire who doesn’t think the rest of humanity is garbage. What a nightmare for the self appointed elite..

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    Fary Is the New Black.
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    Michael. Moore – In. TrumpLand? me – titra & shqip.
    Wenn die Clinton gewonnen hätte, hätten sie jetzt vielleicht Krieg mit Russland. Trump versteht sich wenigstens mit den Russen super..
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    the best president of the united states
    I like how you’ve cut the other part of the video where Moore reminds voters that Donald Trump will screw the working class whites.
    Maybe if Trump supporters had the ability to comprehend information as well as a five year old they’d figure out that Michael Moore is critical of the entire system, much like Trump CLAIMS to be..
    he (trump) didn’t get it handed down like hillary did from her parents wow……………..
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    Omg I fucking new it… Die haben die Letzten 4 Jahre einen Film mit uns gedreht! Die Trumpman Show!

    I love watching the chaos, things written by the americans on social media, learning how they think. It is interesting, to say the least. Bunch of ankle biters that are big and brave online but in person, they have there faces buried in their phones. Cannot wait to see the movie, love watching trump ruin the richest most corrupt corporation u.s..
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    Das interessante Detail: JEDES MAL wenn Michael Moore einen Film über einen US Präsidenten oder Anwärter macht, wird dieser in der darauf folgenden Wahl (wieder)gewählt….
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    So depressing.
    Aa an American I can say we should be embarrassed. Bernie Sanders can perhaps save this country..
    Amazing !!
    Die Proteste, Streiks und die einhergehende politische Bewegung, die der Trailer als Lösung suggeriert ist, kann ausgeartet deutlich gefährlicher sein als Trumps Politik. Wo eine friedvolle Revolution im Namen des Volkes enden kann, wenn man die Kontrolle über seine Ziele verliert, hat die Sovjet-Union schon anschaulich demonstriert. Das Gute ist dass es den Amerikanern allgemein betrachtet ziemlich gut geht und die extreme politische Spaltung, die man im Trailer erkennt, nicht die Wahrheit wiederspiegelt. Die Art und Weise, wie der Trailer (und wahrscheinlich Film) Angst und Panik schürt, ist ziemlich abstoßend und schadet mehr als dass er aufklärt. Gerne bin ich bereit für andere Meinungen. :).

    F-ing brilliant Bud.  MM supports the criminals and called all of us rapists…  but this was well done the way he said it.
    michael moore in trumpland film
    Fahrenheit 9/11 failed to stop Bush from getting re-elected, just like this less popular documentary will even make a tenth of the splash that film did. And that’s especially in the midst of 99 percent of all corrupt controlled media focusing only on taking Trump down 24/7 and even they are failing. Michael Moore is playing into the false 2 party paradigm at best, taking Z-E-R-O risks by jumping on this bandwagon. Perhaps he should examine the Q phenomenon or the human/child trafficking rings plaguing his buddies in the entertainment industry and the Democratic party in particular?.

    Perfectly said. Moore was the only pundit who called it right.
    Liberals get hydrated! you’re gonna cry a lot harder in 2020!!
    I will watch this movie FORGET death of a nation
    Micheal Moore go have the heart attack that’s coming your way soon …
    Michael. Moore… In. TrumpLand – For, Online, Full – HD
    michael moore in trumpland download
    this film is going to cause so much more division within the people of the United States. liberals are going to attack conservatives FIERCELY more than before! IT HAS TO END. it’s a derrangement syndrome! it’s divisive, it’s evil. it’s disgusting that democrats and liberals still dare to fire up more the hatred against trump! it angers me that the tolerant, peaceful and loving party is the one causing havoc and not trying to be civil. democrat, cnn, msnbc, you MUST CONDEMN THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR!.
    It did feel good. It still feels good to have the biggest, F you in history.


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