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    Geraldo needs his face broke. I feel for Charlie… He had no family, no love, his entire life. A thrown away child from birth. My heart goes out to him. Geraldo led a princess life… He has no clue or class..

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    I don’t like Geraldo at ALLLLLLL nope…hes badgering manson..hes honest…plan to blame blacks for da murders…hes real honest..I respect him

    How in the hell did Geraldo manage to have a good career, he is terrible at what he does

    Why is every serial killer so pretentious

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    He, like so many thousands of other kids, were the result of irresonsible women bashing out one unwanted kid after another. All Western cultures are infect with this problem..

    Why do I like charlie so much?

    lmao the horror track at the end scene

    Ok, back to your cell, Geraldo.
    His final resting spot was across the street from where I type this now.

    When has outright condemnation ever worked ? Looking at someone and telling them they’re a loser, or evil, what purpose does that serve ? Some interesting perspectives from Manson though here..
    Richard Taylor can not believe you said that..

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    Charley was a part of MK altra. Same as Sirhan sirhan who supposedly killed Robert Kennedy. Oh yeah, he shot at him, but the bullet that killed him came from a government agent, and you can clearly see the shot in slow motion. Anyway, as for Charley, he was a hell of a lot smarter and had more social insight than anyone ever realized. He wasnt necessarily a good guy, but he wasnt all bad iether. He was chasing his own demons and had a lot of stupid kids following him thinkn he had all the answers. He didn’t have the answers, he only knew that something was wrong. Keep in mind, he tried hard to be a part of society and even start a musical career to which actually lead him to recording for non other than Phil Spector himself. Ironically, the two of them would yrs later share the same housing unit together known as Charleys mansion!! Just the two of them in the whole unit. Anyway, Hollywood, like everyone else in his life growing up, shit all over him and that’s where the hatred for celebrities came from with him. He knew back then that they were all crooked in their own ways. In any case, Charley is gone now, only Jesus can and already has judged him..

    That last line….kill 50million of you and maybe save my trees and my wildlife.
    I don’t find Manson or Geraldo particularly intelligent. There’s just nothing here but a lot of hot air from both of them. Ed Kemper or Ted Bundy I find interesting. BTK I find boring..
    I UNDERSTAND. 50th *Year and (replace *A word used for happy reminiscence) Quentin’s 1969 film’s in the press BUT oh how I LONG for a day when this worm food speck of a Man’s visage is NO longer present and whose OVER extended NEVER should have been given 15 minutes are OVER and all trace of his visage EXPUNGED from our collective memory !.

    Mr.G is Full of shit – he’s touchin his head with that greasy finger trying to bait Charlie. He didn’t take the bait..
    I actually think Charlie was pretty smart.

    I can’t believe all you people who comment below, one after the other, Charles Mansion is innocent, Charles Manson is smart, Charles Manson made a fool of Jeraldo. Do you really think those women acted on their own, that they all lied in court when they said Charlie made them do it? Manson gave them LSD, opened their minds so wide their brains fell out, then poisoned those minds with his evil, sick outlook. Geraldo could see through his bullshit and he called him on it. All you people defending that human garbage are either stupid or evil yourselves..
    Who came here after hearing of his death?
    My ISP knows I watched this… I’m fukkked.
    Inside & the & Manson, Cult:, The. Lost & Tapes, espanol & es, Film.
    Lsd is a hell of a drug
    It’s true when you think about what he said I never killed anyone It’s true he really didn’t Well physically anyway
    The Mason case is a showcase of MSM mind control. Geraldo is much more beast than Charles.

    Charles was a handsome young man
    Little bit of ambition and this idiot would’ve done so well in corporate America
    When you smart as he is they lie on you and say he killed people to lock him up

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    I miss my father Charles Manson

    This guy really was a wack job. I look at all the comments defending Manson and it scares me of society’s condition.

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