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    She can say all she want but she had an affair with the president of the U.S. Dont’ tell me how innocent she is or we all make mistakes when we are young. She was an adult and she knew it was wrong but can’t resist the temptation and chose to do it. And ENJOYED the time until shit hit the fan. Affairs are two people having romantic feeling, wrongly by our society’s standards. I’ve been there and it almost destroyed my live. Affairs almost always ended with people hurt. But in this world there are much more hurt people than Monica Lewinsky. For example I suffer from Panic attack disorder and depression since 1999. I fought my way through life and enjoy a good life. But there are things in life if you do it you will regret..
    Irreverent, unapologetically arrogant and uncensored, IT Professional Services industry veteran Jason Perlow muses on a cornucopia of topics on all matters of Information Technology..

    Linda Tripp is not a whistleblower, she’s not even close!
    Clinton was a great president. There was peace and prosperity. Those were the ‘good times’.
    One ugly woman on the outside and on the inside
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    Tripp was the last person to speak w Vince foster (gave him the m&ms off her tray), & an acolyte of Ted Schactley.. j’acuse
    Yes, she was so traumatized by the whole thing that she felt she needed to relive it all again…. therefore she is as psycho as the Clintons themselves.!!
    But you forgot to come clean about being arrested for theft…and lying on your application? Really? Trick please…
    Monica Lewinsky is the kind of woman Christ Himself would have broken bread with.
    brave woman!
    so much respect for her. she wasn’t the married one, and even still she put up with so much. I hope that her life continues to be a testament of self-worth and pray the best for her. I also hope the rest of you quit pretending like when you were in your 20s you didn’t do stupid things either..
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    Perfect example of a person, with zero integrity, or honor. I do hope this continues to bite her in the ass.
    Libtards hate Linda Tripp for outing Billy Boy, then hate Trump for having an affair. At least Trump had permission! Trump 2020, Don Jr. 2024!
    It is indeed good to hear Monica’s perspective on how events beyond her control just exploded and overwhelmed her life to leave such an indelible mark on her. She speaks with unexpected humility, grace and reflection, quite unlike ‘stupid bimbo’ caricature portrayed about her.  We know all too well how this ‘crazy cynical judgmental cruel’ wired society can one minute glorify and the next minute demonize any one of us. Intrusive paparazzi media, public’s lust for sensationalism, and snooping Big Brother has taken over our lives. Privacy has very little relevance left these days. JFK was a bigger philanderer than Bill Clinton, but former was occupying the White House in a different era and very fortunate to leave a legacy of a revered icon.  Good luck and God Bless Monica Lewinsky. You are no different from any of us – all flawed. May time heal any painful reminders and forgiveness bring peace in heart.  .

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    Bill is a rapist. Hillary is a rape enabler.

    THIS IS NOT BRAVERY!! On one hand she complains about public scrutiny ,but then CHOOSES ( don’t forget she never HAD to speak about this again) to continuing to show her attention loving face in public REMINDING those of us who forgot and INFORMING those who would never have given it a second thought, her sob story. It’s like listening to someone tell how they were electricuted by using the hair dryer in the shower! Thank you Monica Lewinski, for assuming that all 22 year olds are as stupid and desperate for attention as you ARE! IF YOU WANT THE ATTENTION TO STOP…. STAY OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT, LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD..

    Truth is hate to those who hate the truth! Bill Clinton and the republican congress gave us NAFTA and GATT which helped destroy our economy. Clinton also deregulated the banks along with Phil Graham which allowed the banks to gamble with our tax dollars. We ended up bailing out the too big to fail banks to the tune of 17 trillion dollars. So now we are in the Greatest Depression since 2008. Thank you Bill Clinton and the Republicans along with Bush and Obama. .

    For anyone who wishes to be a better person. The Son of God will pray to the Father that we may have the Spirit of God for a Teacher and Comforter Forever in the bible book of John, chapter 14. The Spirit of God is the greatest Teacher in the universe, and has the most Comfort to offer..

    Trump paying off porn stars with campaign funds is ok now. Wow! How low we have sunk.
    Great speech. Great point about the internet being a reputation shredder and the bulling problem. I still don’t get why and how she was questioned about her private life by the judicial system. It is no one’s business other than Hillary’s what Bill is doing in his extra time. Not mine and not yours. .
    Wow! She looks totally different!!!
    Monica- Strong woman. Thank you for standing up against bullying.
    I SEE YOU ALICE MORGAN. And I love you. Can’t wait for the comeback
    She suffered, she threw her friend to the wolves.
    If l were you, sorry!I I love you monica!!
    i didn’t expect to feel sorry for her. but i did. good documentary but depressing! also when she would talk about bill, seemed like she was still in love with him. she ain’t over it, don’t think she ever will be..
    It takes a real woman to sneak up on another woman and stab her in the back!

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    Dude, she’s a mad core milf now too. A bj from her is just absolutely priceless now. Seriously, though. She was old enough when she did it to understand the implications and consequences of getting caught, and she still decided to do it. Therefore, I believe we all should not feel bad for her, but on the contrary, praise her as the most legendary cock sucker of all time. This is not a bad thing, feminists, and in fact, you all should aspire to one day be worthy of this title. You should also realize that we are in America, and this country is on the decline because of shit like this so you should get used to it or get the fuck out. Because she did it. And it’s not like she’s trying to hide it. I was five years old when this happened. .
    I don’t get into politics much, but here is one for the Clinton fans. You can decide. P.S. There is a full version on you-tube..
    Monitoring the Invisible Empire, the Worlds Largest Secret Society. Masonry. The Masonic Lodge. The Craft..
    Why do some people never learn from their mistakes?
    Bravo, well said Ms. Lewinsky. Had my teenage sons watch your lecture as they prepare for college and are currently studying activism. Do not go quietly….
    Monica is intelligent and beautiful. It’s soul crushing to know that she feel’s shame for doing something so very human. I guess it’s the consequences of living in a patriarchal society. Sexuality is a birth right, so no one should be shamed for it. Keep doing activism Monica. I love what you represent.    .

    It seems more mature and dignified to try and put something bad behind you and move on. Why in the hell is she drumming up this crap again?  The Clintons avoid this topic like the plague but Monica wallows in it.  Move on woman! .
    Is this part of the alleged metoo movement covering twenty and thirty year old crimes where little ever happens and the layers use blackmail and extortion to try desperately to cover up those crimes? Why no pedophilia, ritual murder sacrifice, child pornography, prostitution & trafficking coverage? Collusion complicity and much much more?.

    I love this woman Monica. Hillary Clinton is a demon. I am willing to forgive Bill but not Hillary..

    A jealous woman backstabbed another woman by exposing an affair… This happens everyday…. Just this one concerned to president Clinton…. That’s all…. Maybe she had to use less coc before her speech.

    Shes STILL talking about it!

    What a horrible person! She exposed what a friend confided in her, then calls herself a whistle blower???

    The – Clinton – Affair… reddit
    The! Clinton. Affair? counter
    I didn’t thought it was a big deal at all back then – romance between a man of great libido and a woman always horning around that man; that’s it. If there’s a problem, the man was a married man, although affairs ain’t no rare event for married ones out there judging. She was used by Clinton’s enemies – those were the real ugly assholes..
    Bill is LOVED BY CNN RACIST RAPIST 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🏵
    Monica is very brave, intelligent and insightful. She has been to hell and back and survived terrible things most people would not survive. Yay Monica!!!
    People are still talking about this? Linda should’ve never said anything. Good friend!
    With the Jamal Khashoggi affair still etched in recent memory, an interesting trial is making its way through the D.C. court system, civil division.
    Linda Tripp, you should have kept your mouth shut. What were you blowing the whistle on???! What two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business, not yours or the worlds. You’re an awful, awful woman and a terrible friend..

    US media r really harsh. They don’t respect people’s private life at ALL. A lot of president also had affaire in other countries but it medias were never that violent ..
    You are a selfish unreliable friend. No one should be on your dude. You did not speak truth to power. You betrayed a friend and ruined her life. No one with a heart wants to listen to you. How dare you ? You are the victim? Monica Lewinsky was the victim. You were the perpetrator..
    you just a blower no whistle involved, you’re a betrayer
    oh dear another feminist freak


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