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    R.I.P. R. Lee Ermey :(
    Spoiler Alert —– Loved this film. I’ve always been a big fan of Kubrick so of course this was going to be enjoyable but I didn’t expect to be so moved as I see some of you were too. I was very disappointed to learn that Kubrick nor his family took care of Leon after all he did for him. How in the world didn’t Stanley make sure there was something in his will to take care of this amazing man who still has his back? I would have to say that Kubrick’s legacy wouldn’t be as bright as it is today without all the work Leon did for him. Studios would not have gone out of their way like Leon continues to do today. It was also a crime that he was not involved with the Kubrick exhibit! Are you kidding me? It would’ve been 10 times better. Still, he took many people and groups there for guided tours with stories no one else could tell. I like that the end of this film stated that the Kubrick estate has finally given Leon some type of consultant work but I still wish he was set for life. I also think it would be cool if there was a go fund me page just to reward this man but he probably wouldn’t accept it. So glad they honored his life’s work with this film. Only those deep in the film business and only the most devoted Kubrick film lover knew about Leon but most people didn’t. I wish he made more films himself as an actor. He was an amazing actor..
    Closer in we go to the wizard.

    Truly fascinating, fantastic work
    So this is just like The Disaster Artist except if the man behind the camera made actually good movies..
    Anyone can be an artist– brilliant and true. Thanks to all that made this possible.
    what the latest on this directors doc on EWS?

    Why do it? What he did was as close to practicing cinema religion as possible.
    ~ 1:40 he doesn’t
    Lord Bullington doesn’t kill Barry Lindon, he missed, shooting him in the leg after the first round where his butt was spared by Barry! Barry should’ve wasted that little prick.
    Watch Guardians Free Without Registering.
    So if you live in Wales you’ll be able to see this amazing film at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival this May. Filmworker will be screening at the Stradey Park Hotel,Llanelli,Carmarthenshire,Wales on Monday the 14th of May at 7:00 pm.
    Let me guess before I watch this: Kristie condemn Kubrick for being a misogynistic bigot.
    I’ll take this over Avengers any day.
    Ben I have a daughter that calls me Ben. Pedophile confirmed!
    Oh, good. In a wasteland of youtube movie trailers, in a tidal wave of utter DRECK, something new that looks good.
    Wow. Red Cloak himself.
    I didn’t expect to cry at this film. Any structural shortcomings aside, it is ultimately an incredibly moving portrait of a man who, in the words of Matthew Modine, crucified himself for the sake of Stanley’s immense, unique vision. Leon is a ‘shining’ example of a true artist, one who gave it all to get it right , for the love of his friend. The film industry, and the arts in general, need more people of his calibre – a true paragon of the creative spirit. Thank you Leon. Thank you Stanley..
    Please do a video about the length of movies. Ben’s love of shorter movies needs a conversation
    The Captain
    Eyes Wide Shut missing scene…………………………….
    Stanley would probably think this trailer gave away too much.
    Wow, this man knows more than half the producers and directors in Hollywood. He should be teaching post-grad level classes.
    Is your dad thief?Cuz i think he stole all the stars from the sky & put them in your eyes 😜🤘😍😍
    Can´t wait to see it!
    I want to know what film Ben did give the 3.3 to.
    A great study in personal devotion to both a genius filmmaker and to the craft of film making.
    but barry lyndon doesnt die…
    This was great, thanks!
    Is the 3.3 an inside joke?
    I’ve been looking forward to this for over a year! Congratulations to Tony Zierra and Leon Vitali and the crew of individual filmworkers that came together to make this film possible! Will you be in some way honoring R. Lee Ermey after his recent passing?.
    I don’t think Jesus’ apostles were this committed. What an extraordinary story of totally selfless devotion..

    His voice is so soothing.
    I want to ask this man about the 40 minutea that were cut from Eyes Wide Shut but I cannot find out how to contact him..
    See the film. It’s a beautiful portrait of Vitale and of a life committed to art. So inspiring.


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