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    ➠→➛ STREAM BTS: Burn The Stage ⟵←⟵


    I loved this so much 😭

    I don’t understand is the Same all we see in burn stage or its about more things we didn’t see? Someone please explain me i’m confuse :c.

    In my country, Malaysia, its not available!!😢😢😢😢😢

    0:13 This will be in episode 3. Where Jungkook lmost collapses due to lack of oxygen and overworking himself.

    The whole reason they made this series was to show the real BTS , that is behind the screens, and a more in depth view in their daily lives…AND YES that does include lots of hardships, tears, sweat. people in the comment complaining to give them rest do realize that this is the point of the video.. it shows how they grow as artists, despite having such hardships and difficulties. Also if they wouldn’t want to show jimin crying and jk puking, why wud they not cut that part.?.

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    Saben porque me emociona bts …porque ellos me hicieron amarme a mi misma a ellos los importamos y aunque no saben q existo yo los esperare siempre porque son lo mejor que me paso los amo bts😖😍😍😘😙😩.

    what the name of the last song, ??

    OMG !! Thank you💗


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    would you say kookie was throwing up? or upset/in pain?

    this video was so cute and funny I love it so much.

    I’ve known that we don’t know everything that happens backstage and that every person has struggles but to see all of it, I can’t help but feel like I’ve failed as an ARMY😔.

    Jungkook’s hardship and Jimin’s tears make me sad… BTS aren’t good sometimes, and we can’t see their real mood on stages. 😔😢💔.
    Me fez chorar para uma k7
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    sonrío paro ioorar TT_TT quien mas :,,,,v

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