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    ➠➛ DOWNLOAD#WATCH Midnight Oil: 1984 ◀⬅


    Looks like a good doco on the big screen He would be a good politician , Well he became a defender of big business and the big polluters for some silly political personal gain Did you know in 1984 the ALP done a few tricky preference deals with anyone to ensure that progressive candidates don’t get near electoral victory. One such deal was done with the Nationals in 1984 that made sure Garrett, then a Senate candidate for the Nuclear Disarmament Party, just missed out on a Senate seat. Garrett was a team player. That is not the world’s best practice. In 2004, he reversed his long-standing opposition to the US-run Pine Gap military facility. In 2007, he supported the establishment of a new US military spy facility . We all know the policies and practices of both major parties in Australia continue to actively deny Indigenous Rights and adequate justice, professing to offer recognition in the form of a grossly inadequate legislative system of Native Title. Garrett was a Huge advocate for The biggest scams against Aboriginal people The multi-million-dollar Recognise campaign as Indigenous Australians wanted TREATY, not constitutional recognition, His time as Environment Minister was a disaster in the end Peter was looking for a short-term political fix to a long-term environmental problems. Peter Garrett looks like a fool now or liar then?.
    Thanks for this… Gold then, Gold now.
    Thanks for this amazing tour guys. bows deep
    But promises can disappear just like writing in the sand… Treaty!
    It’s about how Sharman exploited Aboriginal boxers in his traveling boxing troupe. Didn’t matter who won or lost, it was only about beating each other up, sometimes day after day. It went out of business in ’71 when the law stated boxers could only fight once a week..

    Why are you nailing the drumkit to the floor.LOL .

    They are the same one’s who sing beds are burning

    Just think that Rob still uses that bass drum with the backsliders!!

    Second sweatiest gig I ever went to, back in the day, at the Thebarton Theatre. I had to wring out my Oils singlet afterwards..

    What is the song strum in the beginning?.

    I have had the pleasure of being in that location in New South Wales, Sydney, and I also had the pleasure of seeing this insightful group live, but that was in Orange County, CA. Both of them are on the top of my list! .

    Great comment 🙂 Great performance of one of their best songs. Love this concert – it’s hard to believe it was 27 years ago!.
    I watched this as a 13 yr ol with my older brother, Great memories Awesome band!
    Thanks so much for this Skitizen. It’s been my favourite Oils song since I borrowed Red Sails in the Sunset on cassette from my local library (*ahem*, many, many years ago). I bought my own copy and wore it out 🙂 .

    On thing I hate about alot of modern bands is when they feign passion to try and fit the part, bands like Midnight Oil had real passion because they sang about important issues that they were passionate about. I think this is one of the main things that seperates a band like this from many others. Im a big Killing Joke fan, check them out maybe if you like the Oils, ‘they pay to see me fall like shrapnel to the floor’.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie!

    My friend, her Grandfather was one of Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers! Prize fighting for pennies. 

    Thanks Toby for the review. We love it.

    I saw the Oils many times (ex. London, Sydney, Alice) but they never played this song. Thanks for posting. ‘Love RSITS.
    Awesome Oils!
    Volta pro Brasil.
    he’d be a good politician if he got into it… 😂😂😂😂

    You may be right about ‘recognizing a lot of the wrongs, but I don’t think we’ve done much at all about changing them! You do have a point about the nukes though!! Cheers!! Paddy7812.
    3:14 – דקות בלבד – של מוסיקה איכותית במיוחד ויפה מאוד לשמוע אותה כל-כך ברמקולים כמובן – בהחלט שמגיע לביצוע 10 עשר ומעלה בצדק מוחלט ביותר שאפשר לבקש …!!
    Brilliant !!
    The best music documentary on what may well be the most important rock band in history. Think about it: A surf band playing pubs end up playing the most outspoken political music of a generation to millions, take a swing at politics (and Peter eventually succeeding) and change the direction of an entire country socially and politically. They understood two things: The lyrics are important and may take a bit to sink in but the most important thing was to dance…you gotta get up off your ass and that is the first step in getting something done…get off your ass. A message we should well heed today. This film deserves multiple nominations for awards. When you want to measure a band’s influence on a world stage this is the f***king stick. Highest recommendation..

    Hell yeah!
    Embedded Memory must have a…
    Thanks for adding this. This is my favourite Oils song and I’m so glad there is a live version on youtube, You made my day :-)

    Anyway, I was completely blown away with this album — especially this song. Still amazed by it today
    Love 😍 this 😃
    OMG… I can’t wait to relive the Great Circle tour though this DVD!!! Thank you, Midnight Oil!
    I think in part the reason why we don’t have bands like this is that we have recognised a lot of the wrongs of the past in comparison to 27 years ago, and the threat of nuclear warfare is not as great. So bring back the nukes!!!! (joking of course).
    This video doesn’t hold a candle to what it’s like to see the Oils in person! =D
    Then Your Dad Is Nothing Short of Legendary Cause this Concert is etched in Time Forever Mate .
    So strong


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