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    2 things I’ve always wanted to try: 1: krabby patty 2: big kahuna burger
    why do all the supposed-to-be-badasses pronounce t as ‘thuh’
    Brett did it.
    battle angel alita…omg!!

    this movie is everything you need to know about Cryogenics and its implications..

    Omg! Just realized that’s Phil Lamarr from Madtv!!

    The Fox

    ‘I didn’t ask for this’

    ทำดีใากกเลยย ชอบบโคตรรร

    Keep Chillin’ what a chilling line…

    ANNIHILATION = STALKER so you need some more vodka in this movie For now 4 star out of 10. Add more cheeki breeki.

    Guess i’m the only one that thought Annihilation was the only movie that looked relatively interesting. You could mash the clips from the others all together and probably wouldn’t notice they were scenes from different films..

    How the heck are they goin to bring the xmen and the avengers and the rest in one movie?.

    Wtf with the “find the cure” theme recently?

    That hit the spot

    Synth ?

    Ready Player One best movie i ever watched!

    that Aiden Gillen? mah man <3
    I NEVA FREEZ clicks tongue in ugandan
    Movie Online 2017 BTS SUMMER PACKAGE VOL.3 in Hindi.
    Annihilation rly was good. The ending made a big cliffhanger tho…
    Maze runner:death cure 😘😘😍😍
    How many know Rampage is from an 80 arcade game…..
    The antagonist in Black Panther is damn cool, his acting seems charismatic as well.
    Ok, are there any cities left to destroy in the marvel universe? It’s lost all meaning now.

    I never understood why these guys are just lounging around waiting to get shot.
    grabs a full uneaten burger…..takes a bite from a 3/4 eaten burger
    Ready Player One got my attention The Deloren Some tron bike Iron giant
    (((Avengers: I see dead people)))
    This scene always makes me crave a royale with cheese!
    Love it
    this scene always makes me hungry for mcdonalds burgers
    Download Movie A Christmas Carol mkv Streaming.

    At 25 seconds you can hear the Fourth Man lock himself in the bathroom.
    a blonde who has colors her bright hair to black
    When the t-Rex killed that carno, I could imagine Chris high fiving him. Lol

    when I saw the thumbnail I thought this was going to be a horror trailer :/
    Well there is always 2019 to look forward to…
    before danel day lewis drank your milkshake, Samuel l Jackson drank your sprite and ate your burger. mmm…. that is a tastey burger..
    I like how in ready player one. One song you can hear is the old willey wonkas imagenation song
    No Jesus was


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