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    ➔➜➠ WATCH Dancing With Ghosts ⟸⇦⬅



    7:00 the girl is so cute😍

    1:54 which is this soundtrack?

    You guys are so damn cute…even the ghost stories are cute..😂❣

    For a short film, the special effects is not that bad and the story line is slow pace and I like it and the ending got me good:'(

    someone give me this link for this movie :(

    shes cutie

    Ohhh.. It’s so sad… I wish it would have a part 2 or something that will continue this story… Huhuhuhhh
    Ok dont hate me bcuz of this but i thought pepsi sponsored this bcuz of the umbrella Ok no hate pls
    the girl is sooo cute….and i almost cry in the ending part

    Okay but does anyone know who that jaehwan guy is he’s rlly good looking
    It’s remind me ’bout my old friend who can see another world like him.
    Hahahah HI ARMYS!!!! Their uniforms are same with bts mv(Boy in luv)😂😂😂😘😘😘😍😍😍😍????????
    12:51 idk why I thought she was gonna say JUNG… HO… SEOK?… like how Namjoon said it in the house of ARMY 3rd muster. No… just me?
    At the last scene as the spirit proposed the guy and vanishes ..he looked at the shaman’s grandson as ‘what the hell is going on? why spirits proposing me now ..tell something weido’..awesome acting by all by the way ..loved it.
    Thank you for this.
    Somehow, I ship both guys together

    23:44 and your d is smaller than a finger WTF?!😂😂😂
    Lmao why did no one laugh when he guy fell from chair, my class would be having a blast
    Shane anyone?
    I lost it bro, im sorry but i just lost it at 23:42 Your d!ck is smaller than a finger XDDD And at 27:16 , he just flew off the frame after a blur of red :’D
    came here from ryland lol
    Friendzone that transcends death. Beautiful it is

    1:02 is like 2:31 in BoomBayah song Rose’s part 😂😂

    I am cry for this history 😭😭😭😭😭

    You gays has made a great story its realy impresive although couldnt understood your langauge but still it is very heart tuching…lots of love from india…from the place where lord buddha gave his first speech💙💙💙.

    Wao, it’s terrifying but osm cast…good one…

    Bts and blackpink fans are toxic

    wow i really liked this very cool, one of the best ghost shows I’ve seen this year.

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