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    ➛➛ watch %download Voldemort: Origins of the Heir ←←


    Subs are out of sync!!! =(
    Neville was not in raven law but in griffindor
    Damn now i want the movie
    Good idea, congrats! Actors – not that good, but it is a low – budget movie, so not such a big deal. Good ending. Everything else – S U C K S! The storyline is not even good for a child’s cartoon. They had the idea of creating a background movie for Tom Riddle, but they didn’t have the story. Maybe they should have to wait for couple of months until they reveal the whole story. And did they even read the books?
    Congratulations on the idea, but the movie is not something any Harry Potter fan should watch. Just don’t….
    Why 5 stars? Because of the ending and because of the good idea they had..

    I don’t get why they still put Official in the title when this is clearly fanmade. One thumb down..

    Snape will always be my favorite character

    waaaaw i thout i was looking at a real trailer

    That voice acting

    This looks veeey interesting! Please remember to also put spanish subs when public the movie! :D

    woah this is a surprise

    AHzkaban not AAAzkaban geez it’s kinda criticising the actors can u not deal with it??

    V A L D E M A R

    Snape and voldemort were close enough

    If this doesn’t get made one day i’ll be so pissed

    Cornier than a field of corn :D

    The best movie I saw.


    Aii worst teacher daw si prof snape e si dolores umbridge is the worst teacher not prof snape
    Ooh finnaly we will got to know that how TOM became VOLDEMORT

    not good for me
    i want movie with grindelwald

    essa legenda ta uma porra
    Oh wow…just goes to show that harry potter fans are just as magical as their fictional counterparts
    A very interesting little movie. Well done. Brilliant sets wardrobe scenery. Loved the camera work and the actors did a great job. All in all a good watch for die hard Potter Heads! Well done crew 👍🏻.
    Neville’s in Griffyndoor he’s not in Ravenclaw
    I wonder if they mispronounced character names just to get comments….

    Fan made movie-999999999,all the Harry potter movies together-0,no offense but its true
    It may just be me but I am sure she is pronouncing Azkaban is wrong but it may be because I am from England and that is how people from America say it.

    Dumbledore is a time-traveling Dumbledore?
    I’m so confused. Is this an actual movie that will be in the theatre, or is it FAKE NEWS!?


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