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    ➔➜➠ DOWNLOAD The Goblin ◀⟵⇦


    React to Shangri la by Vixx!!

    wanna know what is the name of the singer

    Lagunya keren😍


    Even the mouse is dedicated to defending Irene, that’s adorable.

    This was fast

    when will they release this song officially, I love it so much. get goosebumps everytime i hear it


    The ending is so sad and romantic :’).

    Who is listening to goblin ost in 2019,

    Viva Diva
    I am in love with this drama. ITS PERFECT.😍
    Everything about this drama was 👌


    언제나 널 지켜줄게
    Truly an amazing movie! The actors did an amazing job! The atmosphere just makes you feel creeped out and nervous. If you want to know the whole story make sure you check out the book (the director/writer of this movie wrote a book) the book was so good, I read it in just a few days. I love the camera work and the music!.
    I love this song
    Love this song n drama <3

    I watched this movie as a child! n still do love this movie! its just sumem about it! its also funny 2@ them goblins w prince frog-lette, lol! sooo funny! great movie, and story!.
    Love the visuals of this film. Very creepy. Cinematography is nicely done. Actors were convincing. Music is good. The goblin character is really cool. Love the practical effects. Plot was weird and suspenseful. My kind of film. I would definitely recommend especially to fans of fantasy/suspense..
    I’ve always like this movie, especially the cat, Turnip. So cute. 🐈❤.
    OMG…my heart ached and my lips smiled at the same time listening it
    after watching this weeks EPs …I made up my mind that I CANNOT GIVE UP GOBLIN was so happy that ep 12 was 1 and a half hours. was so shocked after that hole deok hwa part and his plan…anyway this song about cereal and butter is lifeuuu.


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