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    I came here to say that YT is getting worse.

    Half of these I picture happening during their down times.

    hahahahah this is so funny

    Wow, this is like Disney on crack. Pretty pathetic, even for this decade.
    4:41 You guys noticed the word smørbrød? I speak that language. Smørbrød means sandwich.
    That true thing that’s sad is some people came to the video cause of the thumbnail I get it now
    J.K. Simmons
    To tired of romance well I have a solution for you! Watch or play RPG anime or games

    Director’s big mistakes Bad Sister. teen boy when did 1st SX with woman he never think about other woman or girl who is like an animal they will do to all.. Director’s big mistakes Bad Sister..
    I love IT XD
    Lol, now I can’t even eat a salad without feeling guilty?

    This is one of our best-selling comic art books in 2011! Love it!!

    its sultan not rajah


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