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    Can the residential units made by Ten Fold be hooked up to the city water, gas, sewer and electricity? Reply
    Don’t the pooches get a say in this?
    Congrats on the property. Exciting times. Are hallways Jazzy accessible?Hoping you never need it, but just in case. Nice looking homes..
    I really like the kitchen area and converting the seats to a dining area is nice. Maybe that small space in the back could have been a bathroom instead of a second small bed. For added extra sleeping space, they could possibly put a blow up bed on the floor in the kitchen area. But overall great idea for comfortable traveling..
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    This type unit is stupid money,,,put double slides then you got something,,,piano not good

    I guess if I want to pee, I have to do it outside lol

    Hi brad ! Have you put any thought into the width of the hallways just in case your wife needs to use a wheelchair in the future, I have a cousin that is a paraplegic and had a mini home built with wider hallways..

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    I hate the wire shelving. Have lived in two double wides for 20 years and really like them. We are in a park so we pay rent on the dirt our home is on. Would love to move to a private lot in Texas. Have fun!.

    cool buddy I’m glad for you guys
    Nice drink choice and congrats!

    Hello to the home of the little people.

    I have clicked the freakin bell on your channel 4 times in the past few months yet here is another video I missed, HA! Congratulations Brad. looks like a good deal..

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    Can you tell me which mobile home design it was called or post a link to it. I really liked your taste and the ones you looked at! We are looking to replace ours and it would be our summer home..

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    Innovative and very impressive! You have filled the space with numerous functions and storage solutions without making it feel CRAMPED. I am a bit curious about the scale, though. Still you have a LOT of storage space. So what if there is no bog in the slides? I see a number of options to slide it in… One last word of awe: It is rare to see four secured seats complete with seat belts in conversions such as this. I bend my head in astonishment and challenge any of the previous hecklers to do better with the same space limitations. KUDOS!.
    didnt get to see the 2nd bedroom! wheres storage, it would be so pretty with back seats that look like sofa w storage under the seats! i love it tho!!.
    I liked the one with the dark kitchen. a design thought, are the access points, hall ways and door ways wide enough for a wheelchair or ride on scooter. Also if the 2nd bathroom is not needed could that be turned into storage room or become apart of another room depending on it’s orientation..
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    So are you going to get some chickens or turkeys when you get all settled in? Will help on the egg bill. ;-).
    Helsinki Fiction.

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    very cool video
    At first I thought you were saying that y’all were going to live in that small shed, I about hit the floor. Looking forward to your updates.


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