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    DOWNLOAD& STREAM It All Begins with a Song: The Story of the Nashville Songwriter


    Songs are weird things… They just come and go… They never give you any warning…
    A lot of artist’s do write their own material but they dont make the record because it’s not a hit. And that’s fine. Popstars have love for the music or they wouldn’t do it. Plus a lot of popstars play instruments too. That doesnt mean they arent talented. A lot of the biggest songs are written by a group of people in a room. Not just one person. Spread positivity, these vocalists are very talented and don’t get enough credit..
    What the hell is wrong with the comments section? Kara DioGuardi, Justin Tranter and Ross Golan are amazing songwriters…..Just because you guys have a bias against pop music in general doesn’t mean that these people aren’t good songwriters..

    Never be anything but a singer-songwriter… – Ed Sheeran, From ‘You need me, I don’t need you’.
    Thank you for creating this video. I enjoyed the peak in to that world, and appreciated the quality of the songs, and writers’ openness.
    Hit me with your best shot
    That was so cool 😎

    Ilove Ed Sheeran like if you do…😘😘😘
    The songwriters are better at singing the songs that the actual pop stars. Don’t forget people, Michael Jackson had songwriters too although Michael did write his own songs too but he had help nonetheless..
    @ 2:10 somebody needs to the word tangible – i’ll give you a hint who it is: mr. denim blazer. 
    Super excited for the documentary
    1:10 and 1:53 OSHIT
    I watched this trailer 15 times already
    Ed was my inspiration to learn the guitar, and it helped me get closer to my grandfather who I never knew played the guitar. Thank you Ed! I can’t wait to see this!
    How superficial young people are today! They need a holiday in Syria! They don’t have the politics!
    What’s funny is I once suddenly loved One Direction when I heard their song ‘Little Things’ and also Justin Bieber when I heard ‘Love Yourself’ Only to find out later that these songs were written by Ed lol.

    It’s Galway girl


    He is a Wizard

    This is pretty gay

    Ed you go💛

    Free Father of the Year megavideo.

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