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    ➡➛➝ WATCH Under the Wire ←⟵◀



    Those actors are the worst on earth especially the teenage boy.

    Silver lake? More like… LOOT LAKE

    that fish convo did not amuse me in any way… 

    moholland drive vibes

    Hank Schrader!!
    she must have had enormous courage!

    This is the complete, polar opposite of It Follows. I’m so ready for this. It looks like Inherent Vice but 10000x more insane. I’m there on Day 1..

    Stupid media deprived of any logic! Why on earth would Assad kill peaceful protester?? Blood in the streets of Syria is exactly what he doesn’t need because he knows his enemies will use this against him. Plus he doesn’t have to use live bullets because he has all the none-lethal weapons we use hear = tear gas, water cannons etc.. Truth is it’s those who want to overthrow him that needs blood to be shown on msm to convince people an intervention is needed. CIA,Mossad most likely did the shooting.
    Oh come on everyone knows Little Pete caused this dome to form.
    Many can rewatch the trailer for “Avengers: Infinity War” over and over (and that’s fine and all that), but people like me can rewatch this trailer over and over! That’s the power of A24!.
    T.T war was is it good for……..absolutly nothing. R.I.P Anna 💗and all those lost 😔💖
    Andrew will be perfect actor for shaggy from Scooby Doo
    The best movie of 2018 by far
    5 years later. Still looking for Margo i see… Oh Quentin, haven’t you learned anything from high school?! but really A24 never disappoints me,I’m getting a Paper Towns & Inherent Vice vibes.
    Paper towns ☺
    This is fortnite now
    The cheek of her familly suing Syria, she basically illegally snuck into the country, travelled to a war zone, hung out with jihadists and put herself in danger and she died. She died trying to demonise the only govt Syria had – to deepen the anarchy in the country, to serve Israel’s agenda..

    The thru, the thru always. Congratulations
    When gentrification hits the white hipster community it’s a conspiracy, so naturally the next step is to make an indie film. 😂😂.
    Nothing but a simpsons rip off
    Looks interesting. But seriously, just dig
    Spiderman follows
    If I’ve learned anything from watching A24 films, is that it’s not what you think it is .

    The simpsons XD jaahahjaja

    Looks wonderful and I’m IN 🤗

    Better than being in a world of Walkers lol.. no zombie would get through that bubble.

    The Gone series anyone?

    Stephen king of king
    Hank’s looking for some more meth labs in the dome it looks like
    Holy crap I’ve only watched five minutes of the paper towns but this looks a lot like it
    pool scene taken from unfinished movie from Marilyn Monroe.
    great movie


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