Purchasers Force

Propurchaser.com is a Supplier Relationship Management system. A much needed counterbalance to customer relationship management systems that help sales reps succeed, like Salesforce.com.

Propurchaser helps Purchasers succeed – think of it as Purchasersforce.com.

Like salesforce.com, Propurchaser combines marketplace intelligence and proven negotiating tools, to deliver what purchasers should know before they issue a purchase order – in other words, supplier relationship management.

Salesforce.com prepares sales professionals to succeed at the negotiations table; Propurchaser prepares purchasing professionals. - Purchasersforce versus Salesforce makes it a fair fight.

If you like the idea of leveling the negotiations table by counterbalancing CRM systems like Salesforce,com with a supplier relationship management system like Propurchaser.com, click the link below for a 30-day, no obligation free trial.

Good luck and happy savings hunting,

Rod Sherkin

Rod Sherkin
President, Propurchaser.com Inc.