Professional Purchaser

If you are a professional Purchaser this site could be a goldmine. It is designed specifically to serve you, the professional Purchaser, especially in your need to track the cost of commodities that principally drive the price of what you purchase from suppliers.

Equally valuable to the professional Purchaser is the email service we provide members, alerting them when (and only when) there is a significant change in the price of the commodities they have chosen to track.

In addition, our site provides a host of articles of interest to any professional Purchaser who wants to achieve the best possible deals with suppliers.

The background data on commodities and the understanding of techniques that we provide puts a professional Purchaser in the best possible position to drive down costs through reasoned negotiation with suppliers.

If you like the sound of what we offer the professional Purchaser, we think you'll find the rest of this website invaluable. Judge for yourself by taking out a free trial membership.